How To Make Death Star Ice Mold

Have you ever purchased or been given one of those fantastic Star Ice Molds or ice cubes? Only for it to turn out differently than it did in the commercial. Don’t worry; we have a solution for you. Using directional freezing is the trick.

Simply said, an ice ball often freezes from the outside in. The trapped air is forced into the middle of the ball, which appears murky and grows while simultaneously cracking because the ice “wants” to become clear inside a nice clean orderly lattice. Through the use of directional freezing, we can ensure that the ice cube freezes from top to bottom, releasing any trapped air from the hole at the bottom.

To achieve this, we use a Thermos Funtainer (or another insulated mug of a similar design, but this one suits the 2.5″ ice ball mold perfectly and requires the least amount of freezer space.).

  • Put water in the Thermos.
  • Water should be added to the Death Star ice ball mold (we use water from a Britta filter)
  • Turn the Star Wars ice cube mold upside down, place it on the Thermos, the hole facing inside the thermos, then place your hand over the hole.
  • Depending on your freezer, place it in the refrigerator and wait 12 to 20 hours or more for it to freeze.

Now, the ball ought to be crystal clear.

What Might Cause Unexpected Outcomes?

Common problems include that it turns out egg-shaped or that the last portion to freeze is a little hazy (hole position). If that’s the case, attempt:

  • Change the position of the thermos such that the hole is either directly down in the center or slightly angled towards one edge (Depending on whether your freezer is too cold or too warm).
  • Watch out for excessive shaking or jostling of the containers in your freezer, which is typically brought on by frequent door opening and closing. This may result in bubbles and halt the direction of freezing.
  • Some devoted Ice Cube Store readers assert that using bottled water will remove every last trace of cloudiness from the ice ball (typically the last portion to freeze appears slightly “frosty”). They claim that this makes a difference, but we haven’t been able to figure out why.
  • Even if the water doesn’t require it to be filtered, removing the aerator from your sink faucet or letting it sit for a time will assist if the ice is still hazy and freezes quickly.

May the power of directional freezing be with you as you enjoy these crystal-clear Star Wars Death Star ice balls.

Additional Tips and Tricks

  • The cubes’ clarity might be improved by using “extra hot” tap water. This can extend the suggested freezing time by a few hours.
  • It is advised to use tap water. The greatest ice cubes might not be made with well water, reverse osmosis, or distillation. Using groundwater will produce cubes that are visually gorgeous and nearly as clean as pure water so that you taste the sip, not the cubes. The method by which the plate works organically purifies the water inside the transparent cubes.
  • If the water from your tap doesn’t make crystal-clear ice cubes, mix it in an equal amount with bottled water. This is usually not necessary.
  • Tap the tray on the counter after you’ve filled it with water to let out as many bubbles as you can before freezing it. Additionally, releasing air bubbles from the top tray’s internal walls with a straw (or any other similar device) will enhance the final clarity.


You may prepare food and pastries in the shape of Death Stars, such as chocolate Death Stars, using the Death Star ice mold because it is oven safe. Expect it to take a while for the 2.5-inch ice cube the mold produces to melt unless there is an accessible gap or vent.

Simply close the sides of the Death Star ice cube mold to use it, and then pour water into the hole at the top of the mold. Since the water will spread once frozen, you can stop filling the mold after it is around 95% full.

It enables you to create a massive ice ball that is shaped just like the Death Star. This enormous Death Star ice cube will remain frozen longer and provide you with the greatest chilled drink possible as opposed to many tiny cubes that melt quickly and dilute your beverage.

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