Ice Trays For Freezer: Types, Sizes, and Shapes for Cold Refreshments

If you are set to host a cocktail party at home, having an ice tray for the freezer is the most helpful tool to keep your refreshments cold. Ice is formed when the trays are filled with water and placed in the freezer. Usually, these ice trays are made from a flexible material for easy removal or use a spring mechanism to remove the ice from the tray.

Ice trays may come in different sizes and shapes that suit every occasion. For example, there are ice trays that can produce a few cubes of ice and are usually used in small freezers, but there are also ice trays that can be used for large freezers.

Types of Ice Trays for Freezer


Silicone ice trays are the most commonly used for the freezer because of their flexibility. This type of ice tray is soft and can be bent easily to remove the produced ice. No need to break the ice cubes on the sink or damage any ice trays before you can get the ice removed. Ice formed from a silicone ice tray will most likely retain its form better, with less ice wasted.

Silicone materials are also safe and hygienic since they do not have harmful BPA chemicals often used on some materials. Aside from making ice, a silicone ice tray is also perfect if you want to freeze fruit juices and baby foods. An ice tray like Homquen can be used with a lid to keep the frozen fruit juice or baby food safe from contaminants.

These come in stylish and bright colors that can match any home decor or your event’s theme. It is also easy to use since it can be washed using only soap and warm water after use. Silicone ice trays can produce ice between 4-6 hours, depending on the size of the ice you are making.


Plastic ice cube trays are the traditional and the most common ice trays we can find in our homes. Though some people are hesitant to use this material because of chemicals, ice trays are made with BPA-free plastic, like the Rubbermaid Easy Release Ice Tray.

Plastic ice trays also come with a container and scoop to prepare them for serving. If you need this for your parties, you can get the Yewell Ice Tray with Lid and Bin from Ice Cube Store.

Sizes of Ice Trays

There are also different sizes of ice trays. There are ice trays that can produce a lot of small ice in case you need a lot for your cocktail party. Usually, trays make smaller ice within 3 hours only. These sizes are best to use if you need crushed ice for your smoothies or frappuccinos.

If you are serving whiskeys or bourbons at your party, larger ice trays like the one from Nice Caki can be used. It can also produce ice within 4-5 hours. However, large ice trays only have a small amount of ice. If you need ice that can supply the whole day, you will need to freeze more ice trays.

Shapes and Molds


Most ice trays for the freezer produce cube ice. But depending on the need, other molds produce ice in different shapes. For example, some ice trays produce sphere ice that looks good on fruit juices. Bartenders recommend large sphere ices on whiskeys because they look good on the glass and provide the chill without diluting the drink.

Other Shapes

Aside from the sphere and cube, ice trays like the one from Acalu produce hexagon-shaped ice, perfect for children’s parties. There are also other shapes of ice trays available on the market.

Custom Shapes

If you want uniquely-shaped ice for your parties, you will not need someone to carve this ice for you. Instead, you can use an ice tray like SAWNZC, which produces diamond-shaped ice. There is also one from Tovolo with bulldog-shaped ice and KooMall Ice Trays that can make rose-shaped ice.

Final Words

These different types and sizes of ice trays are all available at Ice Cube Store. So whatever you need for your party or want to gift someone who likes to drink something cold, you can check the ice tray listings on Ice Cube Store’s website.

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