Cardinal Health 11400-300 General Use Reusable Ice Bags, Tie Attachment 6.5 in. x 14 in, Large (Pack of 25)

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  • Reusable ice bags include a clip closure with a wide tab for simple opening and secure closing
  • The extra wide opening is 30 to 40 percent larger than traditional designs, which makes filling easy and less messy
  • A hook and pin hinge design can be snapped back together to allow longer use of the ice bag
  • Our special three-layer construction includes a soft outer covering, an absorbent middle layer and leak-resistant inner layer to ensure the skin remains dry

Specification: Cardinal Health 11400-300 General Use Reusable Ice Bags, Tie Attachment 6.5 in. x 14 in, Large (Pack of 25)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Product Dimensions

8.2 x 7 x 6 inches, 1.72 Pounds

Item model number


Date First Available

March 19, 2014


Cardinal Health – Med

4 reviews for Cardinal Health 11400-300 General Use Reusable Ice Bags, Tie Attachment 6.5 in. x 14 in, Large (Pack of 25)

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  1. Sylvia Davis

    Last Monday was my husband’s 3rd joint replacement surgery in 2 years. We first learned about these types of ice bags from the orthopedic hospital, where they used them after surgeries to ice the worked on areas. They gave us a few to take home, when he was discharged. Yes, we do use the reusable gel ice packs as well but they don’t stay cold long enough, whereas the ice bags seem to last for much longer spells, so we’ve liked these especially for the first several days after each surgery. Yes, the ice does melt in them but not as fast as the gel packs need to be thrown in the freezer. These are fairly durable, in that we were getting about a day to sometimes 3 days use out of them and that was with almost constant use. You have to keep in mind that these are NOT meant to last “forever” like gel packs and other versions of reusable ice packs/cold compresses. Eventually, the plastic lining inside the ice bags break down and the bags leak. They have a felt like material with a plastic type of lining so you don’t need the sleeves that come with most gel ice packs. Downside is you do have to have ice on hand to refill these. Third surgery in and we now have a freezer in the basement so I went out and got 4 15lb bags to supplement the small ice maker we have as part of our fridge/freezer in the kitchen.
    Anyway, for the last 2 surgeries I found other brands on Amazon…some too small and made for very, very small areas, others broke down after a use or two, etc.
    However, this time, I’ve been very pleased. They are the same size as the ones used in the hospital. So far, most of them have lasted 2-3 days of constant use. I’ve had 1 or 2 either break down a little bit earlier and leak or had 2 so far where the clip, that keeps the bags closed, just fall apart after I opened them to dump the water out. Those are the only reasons I didn’t go for the full five stars. They were a good buy and it looks like we’re going to have several left over, which would probably be good to keep in first aid supplies or something.

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  2. J. B. Morgan

    I had neck surgery and was given one of these in the recovery room. I bought this pack to have at home so I could have the same brand as what the hospital gave me. I’ve been using them ever since and probably will never buy a different brand or style.

    What I like most is the soft and dry outer cover. There is an inside vinyl liner so the outside never gets wet. It’s thick enough that if you care to, you could put the outside on the affected area, or cover the area first with a light towel. The hospital put it directly on my neck, so I assumed that was OK in my case. You may have a different experience.

    I don’t know if the manufacturer recommends reusing them, or if they are single use, but I use them for a few days at a time.

    It did take me a few tries to get the opening and closing of the fastener down. It does take practice and doesn’t seem intuitive to me, but eventually I figured out you fold the top of the opening over the fastener, then close shut. Opening the fastener takes practice as well.

    There are ties on both ends that would allow you to attach to an arm or leg if needed. I did not use that function since I would have had to tie it around my neck. The ties are very sturdy.

    PROS: Soft; stays dry; can cover a large area; can be attached via sturdy ties on all four ends; versatile – put a lot or a little ice depending on the size of the area.

    CONS: A little stiff; opening and closing takes a LOT of practice.

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  3. Dave

    My wife was in hospital for 10 days. They used these ice bags to ease her pain.
    She now uses these at home for headache and backache relief. We cut off the
    straps because they are not needed for this application. No leakage and easy to use.

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  4. Christine F.

    I had shoulder muscle repair and biceps tendon anchoring surgery. At the hospital, they used these awesome ice packs that could be filled, sealed, and refilled. They were kind enough to send me home with a couple! But as with anything, they wear out, mainly the outer material, and need to be replaced about weekly or biweekly. But I am NOT a fan of the gel or clay cold packs that need to go in the freezer for hours to turn out not even cold enough to provide any relief. So before going back to my old standby of using ice and water in a gallon-sized Ziploc, I thought I would search for these ice bags on Amazon. Good call, because here they are and super reasonably priced!

    The PROS:
    + Can be filled and refilled with plain old ice and water.
    + Because of the ties on the corners, can be used in plenty of body areas needing pain relief
    + Pretty sturdy for a “disposable” ice bag. I usually can use one for about 7-10 days before the outside is pilled up enough to warrant a new pack. (if you don’t mind the outer material, you could use them even longer).
    + Secure closing clip keeps the ice and water inside the pack.
    + I have found that I can place the pack directly on the area to be iced without irritation and I am pretty cold intolerant. It is also cold enough to use over clothing to provide pain relief for a longer time.
    + Cost-efficient solution! Great price for the bags, first off…for 25 of these, I paid just under $25.00. The gel packs at the store are about that cost for just one and they take hours to cool in the freezer, so I always need 2 or 3 for rotation. For this product, you only need a $2.00 bag of ice to last a few days!

    The CONS:
    – The outside can become damp from condensation, but I have found it to be minimal.
    – The outer fabric which insulates you from the cold does pill from use and will eventually wear out.

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    Cardinal Health 11400-300 General Use Reusable Ice Bags, Tie Attachment 6.5 in. x 14 in, Large (Pack of 25)
    Cardinal Health 11400-300 General Use Reusable Ice Bags, Tie Attachment 6.5 in. x 14 in, Large (Pack of 25)


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