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Cooler Shock Reusable Ice Packs for Cooler – Strong, Reusable, Premium Ice Pack and Lunch Cooler Set for Long Term Use – Cools Faster Than Ice -…

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Specification: Cooler Shock Reusable Ice Packs for Cooler – Strong, Reusable, Premium Ice Pack and Lunch Cooler Set for Long Term Use – Cools Faster Than Ice -…


‎Cooler Shock





Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎6.5 x 7.5 x 1 inches

Item Weight

‎0.5 Kilograms

Insulation Material


Chamber Depth

‎6.5 Inches

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

‎8.54 x 7.8 x 2.17 inches

Package Weight

‎0.27 Kilograms

Brand Name

‎Cooler Shock


‎Cooler Shock

Part Number



‎Lunch Box Size 5-Pack


‎Lunch Box Size 5-Pack

9 reviews for Cooler Shock Reusable Ice Packs for Cooler – Strong, Reusable, Premium Ice Pack and Lunch Cooler Set for Long Term Use – Cools Faster Than Ice -…

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  1. Amazon Customer

    I bought these after a friend HIGHLY recommended them. He’s been using them for a few years (pretty much weekly, plus a few beach runs and hunting trips). I bought a new cooler and he reminded me of them so I picked a few up in anticipation of some outings this spring/summer.

    I bought a 3 pack of Large and two 4 packs of Mediums as I have a variety of ice chest sizes (20qt rotomolded, 30qt soft, 100qt Coleman 5 day). I usually use the 30qt (BYOB parties), but typically a few times a year take them all for several day outings. The large ones don’t fit well (or at all) in 30qt or less. It will fit in the 30qt, but will be much more of a headache to work around.

    It took me about 30-45 min to fill all 11 packs (measuring water, sealing, shaking, all the instructed good stuff).

    I didn’t have any issues sealing these packages. Some reviewers had issues tightening down the lid all the way. After installing a few, it seems like it could be related to pressing the rubber plug so it was flush with (or very slightly recessed in) the fill port. I didn’t have any issues screwing the cap down all the way, but I suppose I have fairly decent hand strength.

    The “Large” size were a bit more of a pain to fill than the medium Cooler Shock’s. After I filled the first one, sealed it, and shook it, I could feel undissolved powder on the bottom edge of the pack. This was NOT an issue I noticed with the mediums which seemed to dissolve quickly on their own. To solve this, before removing the lid, shake the package so all the powder goes toward the spout, fold the pack so the edges are touching (dont crease it or anything, gripping the shorter edges together so there is a bend in the middle provides enough resistance to keep the powder from washing to the opposite side). Then, remove the lid, begin filling, and release the bottom edge after the folded pack begins to appear mostly full, allowing the rest of the pack to fill. Doing this seems to allow the powder to dissolve more fully.

    The Large packs will stay colder longer as it’s a more solid block of ice than the Mediums, but use what’s appropriate for the cooler size.

    Ice Chest TIPS!

    Ice packs like these work fine alone, but I’ve found it’s better to add cold water (and potentially some ice) to your cooler to more quickly and efficiently transfer the cold from the ice packs to your cooler’s contents. A full cooler holds lower temperatures for longer (and water takes up space between products), especially if it there’s constant traffic in and out.

    Place the packs between the products in your ice chest, and NOT against the walls. Placing the cooler pack against the walls of your cooler transfers more of its cooling potential to the wall of the cooler instead of first radiating through the products.

    Pre chill your goods: Freeze what you can if you’re going to be out for a few days or more. Refrigerate everything else for 8-12 hours before. You want your cooler to KEEP things cold, not waste a bunch of the cooling capacity on cooling room temperature products down.

    Pre chill your cooler with ice and water 8+ hours before you fill it (I typically do this the night before with some lunch size ice packs we’ve collected over the years, filling the cooler with enough water to fully submerge the ice packs.. about 2-3″ of water). Many use this method with what they call “sacrificial ice” .. but the water is usually still ice cold, so I just dry off the ice packs, return them to the freezer and stock the cooler with the few inches of water still in there.

    “…But these are supposed to save you money on ice!” I intend to continue to use ice and water with these packs (less water / more ice when it needs to stay colder longer), but this should cut WAY DOWN on the amount if ice I use in my ice chest. Typically I’ll stop at the grocery store or gas station for a few bags of ice to toss in the cooler before headed out to my destination, but now I can use an ice tray or two from our freezer with a few Cooler Shock packs for the majority of my outings.

    I’ll continue to play with it and amend this accordingly.

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  2. Belaura

    Brilliant!! I used these packs to keep pumped breast milk cold overnight in a cool bag and in my nappy while out and about. I have also used them to keep a dozen or so bags of breastmilk frozen while travelling.

    I use 2 of the packs overnight in a cool bag and the breastmilk is ice-cold – cold enough to put straight into the fridge.

    I use 1 pack in the front zip section of my backpack-style nappy bag that holds 3 bottles of breastmilk. The great thing about these packs here is that they are soft when room temperature so I mould them to fit into the small front compartment and then freeze – normal rigid ice packs don’t usually fit.

    I have used all 5 in my cool bag to keep my breastmilk bags frozen on 2 trips lasting 3 hours – they were still frozen solid at the end of both trips!!

    When I first read the info on these packs, I was worried that the breastmilk would freeze if a bottle was in contact with them. Luckily this has not been the case as you can control the amount of cooling with the number of packs.

    These cool packs have taken away so much of the hassle of expressing and storing breastmilk – one less stressor as a new mum!!

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  3. James Seedorff

    I got the lunch pack size and the large cooler size. I can’t say I have used the large ones much yet. I got them for camping to keep my stuff cold without the wetness of ice.
    PROS: Keeps the cooler cold without the mess of melted ice. The Mylar construction seems to conduct the heat into the pack for cooler the cooler or out of the pack in the freezer. For my lunch pails, I travel a lot so I must keep it in my car. its still pretty cold with some frozen areas when I go grab it for lunch. Mine get rotated out so they sit in freezer for 2 days between use. they keep things pretty cold and I like them! If you use in conjunction with ice, it helps keep the ice longer.
    CONS: Filling them seems a bit inconsistent. The recommended water amount it too much for some and not enough for others. I’m not sure why, maybe my measuring was inconsistent.
    Overall, I recommend this product or something similar.

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  4. Tone

    Bought these for a 4 day camping trip to a festival, as our usual iceblocks barely last a day. Used 4 medium packs in a 26litre Coleman coolbox, and they kept everything cold for the full 4 days. Even on the 3rd day, the orange juice was almost colder than what comes out of our fridge! The weather wasn’t overly hot, but I was still very impressed with these, and recommended them to all our fellow campers

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  5. EP Brent

    I spent 50 nights camping in my camper out west this summer. I ended up buying 2 sets of 3 of these. I can leave my house and they will keep things cool for a week in a large cooler. At that point, I find places that sell the 10 lb blocks of ice for cheap. This gets me through the rest of my trip. I made it 17 days on the last trip out west and only needed to purchase three 10 lb blocks. I keep the packs in the cooler as the 10 lb blocks tend to extend the life of the ice packs for the trip. Definitely better than using frozen milk containers that take up too much room and aren’t as effective.

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  6. Chris Rees

    Fits perfectly down the sides of the cool bag/boxes and on top encasing the food and drink keeping it cool for much longer than ice bags + without the problem of melt water.

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  7. Steiner Sellers

    Any rating less than five stars must be for totally ridiculous expectations. I have six of the large, four of the medium, five of the small, and just ordered two of the hard sided ones. The reason I have six of the larges ones is that I originally bought one set of three and one of them didn’t mix up well (kinda like wet sand on one end) but still seemed to work and I emailed the company just to ask them about it….they sent me a whole new set the next day! Our typical use is to load up a cooler for a day on the lake and go out to an island for the day. In this situation I’ve never had one even start to thaw out and you have to insulate food to keep it from freezing.

    I’ve put a few in a 52 quart Igloo Quantum cooler with a frozen ham and frozen turkey, driven seven hours with the cooler in the bed of the truck, and when I got to where I was going the cooler was so cold on the inside that the outside of it was sweating. Taking the cooler back home empty with just the shocks inside and the cooler walls read 21 degrees.

    A truly amazing testimony was just last month when I brought six flats of strawberries home to South Carolina from six hours away in south Georgia. I had three coolers and plenty of cooler shocks with me, but the flats wouldn’t fit in the coolers and I didn’t want to move the strawberries. So, I made two stacks of three flats which came out of the farm’s cooler and wrapped them with cut cardboard boxes (just a single layer) and taped them.. I put a cooler shock down each side of the taped up boxes against the sides of the flats, then folded and taped the top of the cardboard over. This was in the back of my truck under a topper for six hours. Although not really hot (in the 70s) it was very humid. When I got home, the shocks were half thawed but still 19 degrees where solid, and the strawberries were 35 degrees!!!

    BTW, the cooler in one of my photos is a 50 quart Igloo Overland and it has slots in the sides that were practically made for the large cooler shocks. They will slide down in the slots and make great compartments. It’s amazing to use these things and have stuff come out the cooler COLDER than it was when it came out of the fridge.

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  8. Sterlingfox

    Super product keeps everything chilled for hours. These are suitable for a larger cooler or picnic bag as long as it is insulated. I have something smaller and similar in my lunch bag and it stay frozen for a good 8 hours. Nothing like a super cold can of drink on a hot Summer day! I’ve even managed to bring ice and ice cream to a picnic using these. Instructions to set up are easy to follow, definitely recommended.

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  9. Marjorie Ross

    Amazing product, easy to set up & keeps cold for 48 hrs, fits into the small freezer part of a fridge (great for when staying in self-catering) Great value product. Highly recommend.

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