CROWNFUL Nugget Ice Maker Portable Countertop Machine, Auto Water Refill, Makes 26lbs Crunchy Pellet in 24H, 3lbs Basket at a time, with Scoop and…

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Specification: CROWNFUL Nugget Ice Maker Portable Countertop Machine, Auto Water Refill, Makes 26lbs Crunchy Pellet in 24H, 3lbs Basket at a time, with Scoop and…



Model Name

‎‎Nugget Ice Maker


‎26 Pounds


‎170 watts


‎120 Volts

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎20.16 x 12.2 x 19.13 inches



Product Dimensions

‎20.16 x 12.2 x 19.13 inches

Brand Name


Model Info


Item Weight

‎40 pounds

Country of Origin


Item model number


Installation Type


Part Number


Special Features

‎Automatically add water & manually add water, Countertop, Water shortage and ice full reminder, utomatic Self-Cleaning, 3-layer foaming technology, longer ice storage time, Energy saving



Material Type

‎Stainless Steel

Included Components

‎‎Ice Scoop, Ice Basket, User Manual, 9.19ft water inlet pipe

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


6 reviews for CROWNFUL Nugget Ice Maker Portable Countertop Machine, Auto Water Refill, Makes 26lbs Crunchy Pellet in 24H, 3lbs Basket at a time, with Scoop and…

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  1. BaSh

    Another update on this: i went to UPS to return it on Tuesday and haven’t heard anything else about it. Maybe Amazon spoiled me with their speed of getting 95% of their items so quickly. Plus a refund in 7-10 days when they get it. Ok but we need another icemaker. I’m buying ice from Sonic because I don’t have room in my freezer for anything that makes ice (hence the counter top icemaker) I’m not angry just disappointed. I still would. Buy this icemaker again, but I’d make sure I had filtered water going in. I would. Also love to know exactly where the leak is.
    Update on this: the machine was sent back as of yesterday. Amazon and CROWNFULL have done a great job helping me. I would make a suggestion though: Make it easier to clean. It had begun to be somewhat of a challenge to keep the water/ice reservoir clean. My guess is it wasn’t filtering as well as it used to. This machine came with a hose to hook up to the water source. Maybe make an optional filter to go with that and instructions on how to hook all this up? Our machine didn’t have an instruction manual so not sure where to hook the hose. So my next ice machine I will buy the descale liquid or a filter if the icemaker allows it. {{{*previous rating and comment: Loved the ice maker as good if not better than Sonic ice, but now it’s leaking underneath the machine. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix it? It’s filter also was coated with gunk. We didn’t have this problem until about a month ago. I have been cleaning it almost daily. It looks like charcoal bits in the bottom. We cleaned it yesterday trying to see if it was clogged up so I can’t show pictures of that. This was bought last year (Nov 2021) and I purchased a 5 year warranty at the same time I bought the ice maker. I don’t know if it’s fixable but this ice maker was not cheap. It should also have lasted longer. We have purchased the cheapo under $100 ice makers and they lasted as long if not longer. I hope someone contacts me or makes this right.*}}}

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  2. L. Long

    Update: Ice maker comes with a1 year replacement warranty. Be sure to register your purchase. I was contacted by customer service about my previous review of machine not working. They promptly made arrangements to ship a new ice maker. I have also learned to run the cleaning cycle with a little vinegar to help with mineral buildup from our water.

    OP: The product originally came with minor dents in the outer housing although the box was fine. But I decided to over look that because it worked good. It made beautiful ice until it stopped working 6 months in. It makes the horrible screeching that others have described, like a hinge that needs to be greased.

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  3. Kevin Gibbs

    Love my drinks ice cold but always disliked the big half moon cubes from my refrigerator ice maker and preferred to buy bagged ice stored in the freezer automatic ice bin to dispense. Even tho bagged ice tasted great, i’d run out and then have to make a trip to get more. Have had the Crownful Nugget Maker for a week now and love it. The ice making is fast and perfect size. Chills drinks perfectly. I use Brita filtered water to fill it up but will be installing a T-joint with an in-line filter from the refrigerator water line to hook it up for auto refill. The manufacturer appears to have addressed many of the complaints seen in some of these comments. The unit is quiet….no louder than my refrigerator or dishwasher. It automatically restarts making ice as soon as you remove some as long as there is still water in the reservoir….you don’t have to press any buttons. I transfer a couple bins of ice into my freezer automatic ice maker bin to have a supply on hand to dispense but generally take scoops right from the machine for my drinks.

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  4. MD S

    We had a name brand fancy looking nugget/opal ice maker that we were thrilled with at first. It stopped working just weeks after the warranty was out. We went without our beloved nugget/opal ice for months because I couldn’t fathom spending so much to replace the ice maker after had only lasted a year. Then… this Crownful ice maker came up on a lightning deal and I had to have it. It does occasionally make a squeaking grinding noise but nothing like my pervious ice maker. There is a UV light that keeps the interior from getting moldy. The interior reservoir on this ice maker is white so you can see any buildup, but there is none because it has self cleaning cycles. The ice is small and soft and perfect for beverages or just for crunching. We are very happy with this ice maker so far.

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  5. quanmeg

    I read a ton of reviews on these counter top ice makers. There were lots of really bad reviews that really slowed me down and made me hesitate about buying one. I really don’t need anymore worthless kitchen junk at my house.
    I was very surprised this ice maker is super awesome and we just love it. Nothing better than a tall glass of lemonade with soft ice after working out in the yard. I bought the 5 year warranty but honestly I am about 3 months in to using this and I really feel like I got my moneys worth already.

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  6. Stephen Armbrust

    I was so excited to get this ice maker, I have wanted one for a long time and bought it over other brands based on reviews and the fact that I could get an additional warranty on this one. When I finally got it set up and run through two cleaning cycles, the first ice cycle didn’t work. Sadness! I gave it a few more chances before I emailed customer service and asked if I was doing something wrong. Turns out It was a defective unit. I returned it and they had a new unit to me within a few days. The second one works perfectly! I’m shocked at how quickly it makes ice and how much it can make when you leave it running. We’ve been bagging it up and putting it in the freezer, after we have all we want in our cups and drinks. My 12 year old says, “Best purchase ever!!” every time he fills his cup. The ice is very crunchable. So glad I took a chance on this brand.

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    CROWNFUL Nugget Ice Maker Portable Countertop Machine, Auto Water Refill, Makes 26lbs Crunchy Pellet in 24H, 3lbs Basket at a time, with Scoop and…
    CROWNFUL Nugget Ice Maker Portable Countertop Machine, Auto Water Refill, Makes 26lbs Crunchy Pellet in 24H, 3lbs Basket at a time, with Scoop and…


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