Frigidaire EFIC123-SSBLACK Compact Countertop Ice Maker, 26lbs of Ice per day, Black Stainless

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Specification: Frigidaire EFIC123-SSBLACK Compact Countertop Ice Maker, 26lbs of Ice per day, Black Stainless

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Item Weight

‎17.11 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎8.7 x 12.3 x 12.5 inches

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‎26 Pounds

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‎Black Stainless


‎Auto Defrost

Door Material Type

‎Stainless Steel

Ice storage

‎26 Pounds

Material Type

‎Plastic, Metal

Included Components

‎Ice Maker, Basket, Scoop

Batteries Included


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13 reviews for Frigidaire EFIC123-SSBLACK Compact Countertop Ice Maker, 26lbs of Ice per day, Black Stainless

4.2 out of 5
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  1. William Bennett

    This was on my shopping list for about 9 months before I purchased it. I didn’t think it would really work. it reminded me of those small desktop refrigerators or personal air conditioners. gimmicky POS. While at a friend’s kid’s birthday party they had their ice maker going the entire day and had no issues. It makes plenty of ice and makes ice fast. They, too, purchased for their camper. We have used it all summer in south Louisiana and the gulf coast region in our camper. For 2 adults and a 1-year-old, this thing makes more than enough ice. We keep a bowl in the freezer to pour excess ice into. By the end of our trip, we usually have a full machine and a full bowl in the freezer left over. I will buy this machine every year if it breaks because it is worth the money!!!

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  2. Jada Landgraver

    This works well, but if you need ice in a hurry this is not for you! It takes a while for the ice to produce, but the quality is good and we like it so far!

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  3. G C

    So this little convenience is just what it is. To be used occasionally. Every day all day will shorten its life. It should not be over worked. I read the reviews and opted in…I wanted the convenience of having ice available, not necessarily every day. It makes the perfect size cubes every 7 minutes. The set up was great. Having to wait 10 hours before using it was recommended and is required for optimal performance. Removing the ice immediately after it drops and bagging it in ziplock sandwich bags makes it easy and convenient for single serve. I am completely satisfied with this purchase . Love the Red.

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  4. Dorkydavid

    I recently downsized and moved into a house with a relatively small refrigerator/freezer without an automatic ice machine. There’s also not a cold water line behind the refrigerator. I’ll admit that plumbing is not my forte so even if I had a water line nearby, I still would need assistance installing an automatic ice machine in my freezer. I was also concerned about how much space an ice maker would take up in my freezer. I asked my brother-in-law for advice and he informed me that they make affordable counter-top automatic ice makers that need to be manually filled as needed. Fortunately, I have a good amount of counter space so I invested in a Frigidaire counter top ice maker. It works great and I don’t mind using a pitcher to periodically fill the tank on the ice maker. It’s also portable so I can relocate it to a different location as long as there’s a receptacle nearby. So now I have the convenience of an automatic ice maker which was the one luxury that didn’t come with the house. I’m also pretty certain that there’s not enough space for a refrigerator with a door mounted ice maker/dispenser. I’m writing a review of this product for people like me that didn’t know counter top ice makers were available and do an adequate job as long as the user doesn’t mind manually filling it.

    Follow-up review. This unit was easy enough to install and follow the instructions. I noticed the morning after having a container of nice sized ice cubes that all the cubes melted. I’m a rather impatient person and I didn’t bother to see if there were troubleshooting instructions for this model. As far as I was concerned, the unit should have remained cold enough to keep the cubes usable as needed. I like the idea of having a counter top ice maker that plugs in and only needs to be manually fed with cold water as needed. I also bought this unit since I have had good success with Frigidaire equipment in the past. I expected this unit to be plug and play. My previous house refrigerator/freezer had a cold water line at the back and of course a receptacle. All I needed to do was make the two connections and shortly thereafter I had an automatic door ice maker/cold water dispenser. I don’t even use a lot of ice so I’m not sure what compelled me to buy a counter-top automatic ice maker. Regardless, I can’t recommend this model as the ice cubes melted pretty much as soon as I had a full container of ice cubes. BTW, there isn’t a door automatic ice maker on the refrigerator in my new house nor is there a cold water line behind the refrigerator made for connecting to some sort of automatic ice maker. Plumbing is not my forte but I wasn’t against the idea of a portable counter top unit. Perhaps you will purchase this unit and have better success. My only recommendation is to read the instructions which I never bothered to do.

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  5. David Bradley

    This is my third ice maker and this one is finally a good one

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  6. Mike. R

    I really wanted this to solve a problem I’m having. Simply stated, repairing/replacing our freezer ice maker was going to take more time and money than I wanted to throw at it. I figured somehting like this would keep me going with ice. Well, it does…. sorta. It’s an attractive unit that fits nicely on the counter next to my fridge, and it DOES make nice little bullet cubes of two optional sizes rather quickly. I can fill the little tray in an hour. However, here’s where anooying part comes in. First off, it’s noisy. You can tell it’s running from the other room. It’s a white noise type of sound, but you can certainly hear it. However, my A #1 issue with this thing (and most certainly other ice makes like it) is that the inside compartment isn’t refrigerated. So as soon as the ice is made, it starts melting. I thought “no big deal”, I’ll just wait 30 minutes and dump the ice into the freezer. Since the unit says it can “keep cubes frozen for 18 hours”, this certainly wouldn’t be an issue, right? Well, it is an issue. It’s a big issue. Within minutes of dumping the basket of ice into my freezer it freezes into a mostly solid brick of ice bullets. So when you want to use the ice, the first step is to try to break this brick apart. I then tried to dump the ice in after each 6 cube load. Same thing. So I’m faced with a very annoying ice maker, or I can get one that’s more of a commercial ice maker (expensive), or I can fix my freezer ice maker… which I was trying to avoid. I think this will go back and I will keep buying 25lb bags of ice each week instead.

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  7. Aimee

    I did my research, checked the ratings, and at the end of the day it just doesn’t work like it’s supposed to.
    At first, it worked wonders. We use filtered water because it’s what we prefer. It’s a quick ice machine, the ice tastes like ice, and is as hard as a cube of ice should be, meaning that it melts at the speed it a cube that small of size would take to melt in a glass of water. There are two sizings S and L, but to be honest, right from the start, I saw no difference between the two.

    Unfortunately about two months in, the machine started having issues. After a cycle or two of ice, the system sucks in the water as it should but as soon as the freezing process begins, it stops working and the water just drains out back into the tub. The “Add Water” light is always turning on, despite being full.
    We’ve emptied it. It’s cleaned regularly… it’s just not working!
    I’m at the point where some mornings I spend an hour plugging and unplugging the machine so it resets, making enough ice for the kids before they go to school.
    As much as we love having ice on demand, this is the most frustrating product I’ve purchased in a very long time.

    Bottom line, don’t waste your money.

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  8. Jaxon Kozlowski

    This machine is great! The taste changes depending on what type of water you put into the machine. It works very well making ice quickly, keeping our work shop crew happy 🙂 About 3-4 days from its 90days, the machine just stopped working. From reading the reviews this sometimes happens and they will replace it as long as it is in its 90 day of purchase. Amazon customer service helped me get a new machine and to return the broken machine. We hadn’t brought the new one to the shop yet. Getting into work today, the machine was suddenly making ice after not working for a week. YAY! No idea what happened and why it turned back on because no one has touched it since we trouble shot possible issues a week ago.

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  9. Brideaux73

    The media could not be loaded.

     After doing a lot of research on countertop ice machines, I decided to purchase this one. Right out of the box it started making cubes in about 6 minutes or so.

    When first starting, they form thin and clear for the first 1/2 hour or so, then they thicken up and look more solid.

    This is a perfect addition to our kitchen and to our camping trailer. You can’t go wrong with this little unit. I was actually expecting it to be really noisy, but quite surprised as to how quiet it runs.

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  10. Reina

    I really love ice and this machine is great. It takes about 40 minutes to make a basket of ice and there is plenty until your next batch is ready. One thing you do need to do is empty the ice basket as soon as it’s full into a container and place in your freezer. If you do it right away the ice will stay in its individual pieces if you leave it it will start to melt and then refreeze into a big chunk. The machine is easy to use and it’s not that loud. It shuts off automatically when the ice is full or the water is empty. As far I like it a lot. One note though- when I received it – it was packaged in a larger box and was on its side, I happened to see the note about not plugging it in if this is the case. So if yours is on its side when you receive it you need to put it on the counter and let her rest for about two hours.

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  11. Amazon Customer

    I was sad to find out that our new house didn’t have a freezer with an ice machine. This countertop one was the best compromise for me. it makes ice so fast and is so easy to use. All my guests that have seen it want one just like it. It’s great for office use, camping, or simple household use – if you’re like me and hate putting ice trays in the freezer, or always forget to.

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  12. Monica Alger

    This has been very helpful for parties and for filling the cooler.

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  13. Fannie Vavoulis

    The reason I didn’t give this 5 stars is because I don’t like how the ice freezes in the freezer. After I make the ice in the machine – I put the ice cubes in my freezer so I can use them as needed. The machine is quite big and my kitchen doesn’t have a lot of space. The ice cubes are small (even the large size) and freeze in massive clumps and it is nearly impossible to use the cubes. If you are looking for an ice maker and have room to have it on the counter all the time, this machine is amazing! The ice is made quickly and perfectly. If you’re looking to make ice and then put it in a bucket or in the freezer….not exactly what I was looking for. It will be too difficult to return so holding on to it and trying to figure out what to do with it to make it useful.

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    Frigidaire EFIC123-SSBLACK Compact Countertop Ice Maker, 26lbs of Ice per day, Black Stainless
    Frigidaire EFIC123-SSBLACK Compact Countertop Ice Maker, 26lbs of Ice per day, Black Stainless


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