Ice Cube Trays 3 Pack, Morfone Silicone Ice Tray with Removable Lid Easy-Release Flexible Ice Cube Molds 24 Cubes per Tray for Cocktail, Whiskey,…

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  • 【100% Food Grade Silicone】 These ice cube trays are made of food grade Silicone which is BPA free and non-toxic, feel soft and comfortable, they can direct contact with food, safe for drink & food making. Each ice tray size: L 7.08 * W 4.92 * H 1.10 in ( SINGLE TINY ICE CUBE SIZE 1 * 1 in )
  • 【Multi-purpose Ice Tray】 Suitable for families, parties and bars! You can use these cube molds to make ice for coffee, whiskey, make kids chocolate snacks, homemade butter confectionery or baby food. What’s more, keep the seafood fresh
  • 【Removable Lid & Stackable】Comes with removable lids for easy Stacking , also keep the ice cubes clean. It wouldn’t get contaminated with other stuff in the freezer when you making baby food or other stuff. Please don’t add full trays of liquids otherwise and the lid does not stay secure on tray when transferring
  • 【Easy to Release】 Made of non-stick silicone that the cube mold won’t break in the fridge, smooth inside and bottom wall make it easy to pop out the ice cubes
  • 【Dishwasher Safe】Smooth silicone surface make it easy to clean, they can be placed safely in the dishwasher, leaves your hands free and save your time. Pls noted that only the trays are dishwasher safe but the lids not

Specification: Ice Cube Trays 3 Pack, Morfone Silicone Ice Tray with Removable Lid Easy-Release Flexible Ice Cube Molds 24 Cubes per Tray for Cocktail, Whiskey,…









Is Dishwasher Safe


Material Type Free

BPA Free

Product Dimensions

23.65 x 25.45 x 29.65 inches

Item Weight

13.1 ounces



Date First Available

March 3, 2019

13 reviews for Ice Cube Trays 3 Pack, Morfone Silicone Ice Tray with Removable Lid Easy-Release Flexible Ice Cube Molds 24 Cubes per Tray for Cocktail, Whiskey,…

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  1. Katrina

    Although the product itself works as described, it is cheap and has a disgusting film on it that soaks into the ice while freezing and when thawing it goes into whatever you have put the ice into. My bf and I noticed is when we made iced coffee. There was this gross sticky film all over our glasses and weird things floating in the coffee. At first we thought it could be the water itself but I made ice in a different ice cube tray of ours and it no longer had the floaties and white sticky coating on the glasses. I washed the cube trays out really well and tried again and same thing. I guess the “silicone” is falling apart and coming into the liquid. I don’t know but it’s disgusting and can’t be healthy. Zero stars I want my money back.

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  2. Shelia

    I love these ice trays. It makes removing ice cubes so easy. Yes they are rubber so when you fill them you have to hold them steady.

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  3. Michelle Brown

    Our ice maker is temporarily out of service and I am the type that likes my drinks super cold over ice! We live in Florida so naturally we have to counter our summers with refreshing. The only negative is that they are super soft so if you aren’t careful moving them from filling to freezer they may spill. Other than that these trays are super easy to use and clean and I might be aging myself here but they are way above the hard plastic trays of old that always always left you with one hard to remove cube. With the convenient covers you can also stack them without them sticking to each other like the old school plastic trays as well. The cubes are a nice size like baby bear’s belongings “juuuust right.” They are an affordable fix to our situation and I’d buy them again in a heartbeat! Happy shopping!

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  4. Woody

    People are right about this product leaving scum in the water. I’ve frozen cubes and washed one of the trays in the dishwasher five times now and there’s still a bunch of scum in the water when I make ice and melt it in a glass. I think I’ll throw the other two trays away and keep trying for about five more times, just to see if it ever clears up. Don’t think I’ll ever drink the water with ice from this tray. Too bad. They’re a really handy size.

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  5. Kevin D.

    The lid fits snugly on the tray, but if you fill the tray and press the lid on tho walls buckle slightly and water gets everywhere. I only fill them about 3/4 the way to prevent this. Transporting them from the sink to the freezer is a messy process, even with the lid they bend too easily and the ends bend down and leak.

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  6. Alicia B.

    You have to push out each ice cube by hand, but it’s not hard. The trays were a lot smaller than I expected. Which is good, in that they take up little space in the freezer. Square ice cubes are very cute and fit into water bottles with narrower openings. All in all, we’re happy with them.

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  7. Mary A. Miller

    The lid. The lid can work (especially getting the flexible silicon into the freezer, which is difficult because if you are using it for water, juice, etc. It will spill out.) as a base. It however is not a seal to keep whatever you have in it free from freezer frost. I don’t know what the hole in the base and lid are for, (no mention in instructions there), but the lid NEEDS to LOCK somehow onto the silicone top so what you have frozen remains fresh tasting.

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  8. Jesica

    These ice cube trays are small, making very small cubes as stated. These will fit in a very small hotel freezer. The lids are great to keep any tastes or frost away from the cubes. After filling the trays with water, a challenge starts due to the extremely flexible silicone trays. I always end up dumping some water. It would be great if an extra plastic base, similar to the lids would come with this product. It would make the unfrozen cubes much easier to handle. I would still purchase these again. Now I am just looking for a solution for getting them to my freezer without spills.

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  9. Kindle Customer

    Love silicon, especially for ice cube trays. The size of these trays are perfect for any cold drink. Although these do come with lids and are stackable, I have found that it takes much longer for all 3 trays to freeze when they are stacked. Still a handy feature, but not one I have been using since it is summer and we go through lots of cubes. I have had no difficulty cleaning these and there is no odd residue on my trays. Would definitely buy again.

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  10. king_bane

    this product is exactly as advertised. i’ll go through the most common complaints i’ve found.

    people complaining about it being small, i dunno what they’re talking about. the dimensions are exactly as listed. the cubes are about half the size of those old plastic rectangle ice cub trays.

    people complaining about the trays being hard to use. what?! again, i have no idea what they’re talking about. they’re silicone trays so they’re not stiff like plastic trays. what you can do is you use the lid, put the lid on the bottom of the trays then bring it to your fridge, once you put it in the freezer shelf you can take the lid out from the bottom and put it on top. the other point about difficulty of use is people saying the ice cubes are difficult to remove. i think their problem is they’re fully filling the squares, when the water freezes it expands and the water goes up over the top of the tray which then freezes over on the squares next to them. so you get a layer of ice that connects all of the squares together. so you just don’t fill each square all the way to the top. fill it like 80 or 90% and the cubes are RIDICULOUSLY easy to remove. you just twist the tray, and then you can literally just push the cubes up from the bottom. they slide right out.

    lastly people are complaining about the white film that get’s left over. this is probably because they have hard water. i had the same issue but coincidentally i was getting a water softener installed a few days after i got these. i noticed the white film stopped happening after i had the water softener installed. my guess is the hard water residue doesn’t stick to the silicone so they end up stuck to the ice, whereas plastic trays the residue probably sticks to the plastic which you can wash off. i think this is maybe the only real complaint, but given the convenience of the silicone vs plastic i don’t really mind. plus i solved the problem through sheer dumb luck anyway.

    in short i love these ice trays. they’re very handy, you get 3 of them which is plenty of ice. super easy to use and convenient. the only issue is if you have hard water you’ll have that white residue in your ice that ends up sticking to your cups etc.

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  11. Kristin

    I guess I should have read the reviews before purchasing. The ice from these trays leach a yucky film into the drinks. I didn’t notice at first cuz I was using a metal water bottle. I happened to use a clear plastic bottle and noticed this film right away. Washed the trays thoroughly by hand, still a film. Washed the trays in the dishwasher, still a film. Makes me worried about what drinking this film the last few days will have done to my health!

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  12. Chengyu LIU

    I use it for meal prep of my puppy’s raw diet. I usually pour vegetable or fruit smoothies into it as part of my dog’s diet and take out 3-4 ice cubes at a time. It works as expected. The ice cubes are easy to remove than most plastic trays and the lid makes it easy to stack three trays on top of each other. Yet the lid is not leakproof but if place carefully when it’s still liquid, it won’t be a huge problem. After use, I just put it on the top rack of my dishwasher and the shape maintains well so far. May come back for more.

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  13. HelloWorld

    Easy to use and easy to remove ice cube, the only thing is smell not good when you open the package. Try to wash it couple times, the bad smell is still keep

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    Ice Cube Trays 3 Pack, Morfone Silicone Ice Tray with Removable Lid Easy-Release Flexible Ice Cube Molds 24 Cubes per Tray for Cocktail, Whiskey,…
    Ice Cube Trays 3 Pack, Morfone Silicone Ice Tray with Removable Lid Easy-Release Flexible Ice Cube Molds 24 Cubes per Tray for Cocktail, Whiskey,…


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