NeoTech Care Ice Bag, Screw Top Fillable, 10 Designs, 3 Sizes

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  • Used for icing down headaches, sore muscles, joint and ligaments
  • Easy to store and can be used by adding ice cubes in it
  • Beautiful designs with leakproof material
  • 3 different sizes available as 5, 8 and 11 inches
  • Flexible and comfortable

Specification: NeoTech Care Ice Bag, Screw Top Fillable, 10 Designs, 3 Sizes

Package Dimensions

7.13 x 5.31 x 2.83 inches, 2.47 Ounces

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Date First Available

February 4, 2020


NEOtech Care

13 reviews for NeoTech Care Ice Bag, Screw Top Fillable, 10 Designs, 3 Sizes

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  1. GrumpyCatfan

    So I bought this product as I have been having blinding headaches which I thought were Migraine , painkillers didn’t help and after 5 days I realised that it was nerve damage in my neck call Occipatal Neuralgia. Cooling sprays and cooling gels on the neck at the base of my skull did help but was pretty temporary respite . Ice packs were my next thought . Many modern ice packs from high street sellers are useless based on freezing a gel like pack in freezer then using . This Neotech ice bag is much much more practical . It has a large opening which screws tight to prevent leaks so you can get pretty decent sized ice cubes loaded up no problem whatsoever the 17 cm (small ) is plenty big enough for head , neck , elbow lower back or whatever . The 17 cm model takes quite a few ice cubes1 It is well made definately does not leak when the cubes have melted and does the job . I bought a couple of large bags of ice at £1 each to refill it as you will use quite a few to ease your aches or pain .
    Very definately a worthwhile buy and can be dried out and stored easily in your first aid box untill needed . Wish I had bought one years ago for all those university hangovers I inexplicably had ! .
    Buy one its nicely made , great value (£6.50) and should be something that lasts for years , It has not fixed my injury but it really is effective at giving me respite from it .

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  2. LB

    Works great and easy to use. Never leaked and I was using it non stop for the first 2 weeks after my recent surgery.
    Not one issue

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  3. Erin Brown

    I rarely leave product reviews, but this was so incredibly helpful that I want others to know how amazing this was. I got a rhinoplasty and knew I wanted something soft to place on my face during my swelling and bruising after my surgery. This (5inch) was SO soft and lightweight that I often fell asleep with this on my face. It is so soft and conformed to all the curves of my eyes and nose and forehead and it never once leaked. It kept the ice cold for quite a while and even as it melted inside, this thing never sweat or leaked. I used it around the clock for several days and it was a lifesaver. My mom even remarked how awesome it was and mentioned wanting one for her knee when it acts up, so I sent her the 8inch one to cover her knee. She’s thrilled and I’m thinking of giving one to all of my family at Christmas.

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  4. Jopickle

    I use these ice packs all the time on holidays. I use when suffering migraine. Use if bitten by a mozzie, to numb the bite and help with the itchiness. For swollen aching muscles. If I just feel too hot, on back of my neck. I would not travel with at least two of these ice packs, one in hand luggage (have used on aeroplane when felt grotty, cabin crew gladly provided ice for me).. also pack one in main luggage.. just in case one gets lost (which happened once and was awful being without one)

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  5. Amazon Customer

    My first purchase for something to reduce swelling and cool the face was one of those blue gel filled masks absolutely useless doesn’t keep cool for very long and the top split leaving thick blue gel all in my hair. So I went for these I filled them with ice cubes and some water and kept them in the freezer until solid. They are brilliant the material is really good so it doesn’t give you ice burns when you apply to the face and that’s as soon as I get it out the freezer I use one and keep one chilling and they keep soooo cool for ages this way and I haven’t had any problems with leakage either. I purchased these after having a lower face and neck lift to try to help with the swelling and they are helping . Really great product to keep in the freezer for headaches.sprains, swelling or now we have the hot weather to keep cool can’t rate these high enough.

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  6. Amy C.

    Ice bag is as described. Cute pattern. Does what I need it to do. I love the big size of it also. Great product!

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  7. Sandy Sands

    I used my friend’s bag recently and loved it. I ordered one and have already used it
    several times for another injury and a bee sting. It stays chilled a long time and the
    fact it doesn’t drip or leak is definitely a huge plus!

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  8. Susan

    Does the job of icing my injury just fine. I’m on crutches and I’m able to grab it and hobble along to my chair. Does not leak.

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  9. Kat Evans

    I chose the largest size and it is big enough for my head. Be aware, the size is based on length, NOT diameter.
    Great for use with a headache in the largest size as it can cover a lot of your head as well as forehead/eyes. Really makes a difference to migraines. Also great quality material.
    To use: Just add a tray of ice cubes and a small cup of water and it will stay really cold for about 40+ mins. After use, empty it out and blow into it to open it out, then leave upside down on a draining board to air dry. That way you will never get any mould in it like other reviewers have mentioned.

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  10. Amazon Customer

    I was surprised at the good quality of the materials and construction. The printing of designs were also good quality

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  11. Alejandra lopez

    Mi esposo se fracturó la mano y me encanto como duro el hielo 🧊 le ayudó bastante

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  12. Rick, Maidstone

    This is great. You couldn’t get these in the UK. I used to see them on 80’s TV and movies and always thought they were a great idea. Now you can get them and they are brilliant. Used them a few times so far and they are easy to fill and empty with no condensation or ice melted everwhere as with the old bag of frozen peas in a tea towel. They were cheaper than expected. You need one or two of these in your life!

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  13. mary a saunders

    When you are feeling pain, it feels good to have a cheerful cover on your ice pack which immediately gives one a feel better attitude.

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    NeoTech Care Ice Bag, Screw Top Fillable, 10 Designs, 3 Sizes
    NeoTech Care Ice Bag, Screw Top Fillable, 10 Designs, 3 Sizes


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