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OXO Good Grips Ice Cube Tray

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Specification: OXO Good Grips Ice Cube Tray

Product Dimensions

5.59 x 5.59 x 12.2 inches

Item Weight

8 ounces



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Date First Available

August 5, 2020

13 reviews for OXO Good Grips Ice Cube Tray

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Jordan

    Works like it should! We wanted to freeze coffee cubes so we could put some in a blender with milk and make frappes, and they came out delicious! 🙂 Good product for all your turning-liquids-into-small-frozen-cubes needs.

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  2. Lizzie

    My hands are weak and I have issues opening cans jars etc. Once I put water in and close the lid over it I could no longer open the lid. For anyone with moderate to severe hand issues this will not work

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  3. Wayne

    Ice tray is a little wider than expected. However, it’ll still fit inside the shelving for the tray.

    Quality is quite good. Cubes are decent.

    Easy to remove with your finger, by pushing down on one end of the ice cube (give the tray a twist with both hands on each end of the tray first without the cover).

    Don’t overfill the tray or it’ll be difficult to remove the cubes and the cover.

    I would purchase again.

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  4. Melanie

    Keeps ice cubes from evaporating. Well designed. The tray doesn’t even need to be absolutely level in the freezer.

    I did not over fill the tray so I had none of the sticking problems described in other reviews.

    Most of the time the cubes slide out first time when you put pressure on one side of them with your finger, so you can use them as needed.

    I have one Campari and Soda at the garden table on hot Summer night—perfect. I can take just a couple of cubes.

    The materials are much more durable than normal ice trays.

    This trays will twist slightly if you’re determined to get the ice cubes at that way—but that’s a strange way to do it when all you need to do is press the cube 🙂

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  5. Jillian S

    I don’t understand why people write bad reviews because of something that they’ve done to cause trouble. For instance I’ve had no trouble with the cover sliding on and off. Because I did not overflow the water containers, causing the cover to stick. I truly love the ease of the ice cubes coming out for the most part one push of the finger will pop the cube out. Sometimes you may have to twist the tray a little bit. The plastic is sturdy and strong. It’s $9.99 for ONE tray people. If you want two, put two in your cart! I purchased two and I don’t know why I haven’t bought a good quality ice trace until now. I’ve always used the cheap plastic ones from the dollar store, crappy, cheap plastic that always Cracks and breaks in the end!! Spend the extra money and get good quality that will last a long time!

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  6. Victoria

    I loved this tray. When I fill the tray and replace the cover I do not have leakes all over my kitchen. The #1 thing I love my cubes don’t taste luke the freezer. Love, love

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  7. A. F. Couture

    These trays are a bit bigger than usual, but the rounded bottom of each cube really does help get them out and the plastic is very high quality so I expect these to last a long time before cracking from twisting the trays to release the cubes. The sliding lids fit pretty tightly to keep freezer odor out. Another good product by OXO.

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  8. Agelesswonder

    I love the fact that it has a cover and keeps the odor out. The cubes come out so easily after you slide the top which is not a problem. I did learn you can fill the tray up all the way but they make a nice size cube with no odor. When empty they clean up in a breeze with a little bit of dish soap and some water and I refilled them put them back in the freezer and have not had any problem with it! Let me make mention of the fact that I’m 85 years old and I hated my old ice cube trays because the cubes tasted horrible. They had like a freezer taste. This tray does not allow that to happen. I highly recommend it

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  9. SRA

    This is exactly what I needed when my fridge’s automated ice machine broke (can’t afford to fix). I tried the silicone ones and they were just messy and hard to use. These OXO ones are old school but come with lids for stacking, which is important if limited room. If no lid/cover is used then they slide out soooo easy, on first try. If a lid is used then I remove it & set tray on counter for a minute or so before emptying. And granted, those that I use the lids on take longer to freeze and don’t come out as perfectly smooth. But that’s fine by me. I bought another pair so I fill 2 trays using lid and 2 trays without so I can save room, stack, and still get fast ice when needed. AND you do need to be careful to not overfill the ones you’re using a lid with – that can indeed make it harder to get the ice out. But overall I am perfectly happy with these trays – I mean, you can’t beat the price and they do the job.

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  10. Karen B-L

    I was so tired of buying ice cube trays every time mine cracked. I read a review of this design in The NY Times and decided to take a chance. (Insert choir of angels singing here.) So happy I am ordering two more.

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  11. The Other Lady

    These are so great. The first ice cube trays that are truly easy to get the cubes out. The covers make it less likely to spill on the way to the freezer and easier to stack the trays.

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  12. PACIFEK-00

    I really enjoy this Ice tray, cubes are easy to remove and no leakage once you slide the cover on.

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  13. Maria Velez

    It was a little difficult to remove the blue lid off of the tray when I first took it out of the freezer but I was able to slide it easily afterwards. Love the way the ice cubes slide right out.

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