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OXO Good Grips No-Spill Ice Cube Tray

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13 reviews for OXO Good Grips No-Spill Ice Cube Tray

4.7 out of 5
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  1. Michaela

    At first I thought these were weird; there were two new ones in the freezer when I moved into my house… I quickly realized they are superior ice cube trays, and bought two more. The lids keeps the water tight, and often the cubes stick to them when you peel it back, making it super easy to grab the ice. The kids also keep the ice from jumping out when you crack them. If you fill them too much / stack them too high, sometimes the ice inside can get a little shattered / broken, but it’s not a big deal / it doesn’t happen very often / it’s usually my fault—so it’s not a thing. These are just pretty great. Better than the typical crappy plastic ones and easier to wrangle than those fully silicone ones.

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  2. Sandra Dögg Ólafsdóttir

    These were delivered super quickly to me in Iceland, ordered late Sunday evening, was shipped on Monday and delivered to me on Tuesday!

    These are far from perfect but they are pretty good.
    I wanted to make a lot of ice so I purchased 4 of these.

    I have not tried to store those on the side in the freezer but they do seem to be leak proof, I have put them upside down outside of the freezer and given them a little shake and everything seems fine 🙂

    My only problem with those is that when the water freezes it freezes with a layer over all of the cubes connecting them together so I can’t easily get them out… I have tried putting less water in but that seems to make no difference. Fortunately the under side of the tray is hollow so it is easy to pour hot water on the tray if you put it upside down, this will crack the ice making it easier to get the cubes out. (never bang or twist the trays!)

    I think the reason for this trouble of mine is that I stack all of them evenly and perfect. But since the top is made of silicone, and therefore soft, the bottoms of the upper trays sit in the slots for the lower ones pressing the water out of the compartments and making the excess water freeze all over the cubes.

    So to avoid this problem I either recommend not stacking these OR stack them unevenly making sure that the bottoms of the upper tray don’t sit in the slots of the lower tray. If you can’t stand looking at an uneven stack of ice cube trays, I recommend going for the oxo that has a solid plastic top, not these soft silicone ones. Although if you want leak proof ones and don’t care about how you stack them or if you only want a single tray, these are grate 😉

    Theses cubes are very big so they take a very long time to freeze, therefore I recommend collecting them in a bag as soon as they are ready, that way you never run out of ice and you don’t have to wait all day for a new batch 😉

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  3. Vawn

    So this is expensive as ice trays go, but it’s an investment. It’s great in our small freezer. We just don’t have the space to lay an ice cube tray 100% flat, and the silicone “flap” lid seals well over the tray. Obviously you couldn’t store it at a 90 degree angle, but if you can’t put it exactly flat because of that pesky packet of petit pois, the seal is excellent for keeping the water where it should be, in the tray. The cubes are slightly bigger than I would like, but they release easily from the tray with minimal finagling. Would definitely buy another one… If I had any freezer space left.

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  4. Kim P.

    It’s solved my problem of stinky freezer ice smell and uneven ice cubes. Once you pull over the rubber lid and flatten a bit, it’s tight.

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  5. Susanne Colella

    These trays are easy to fill and stack nicely. The cubes come right out with only a slight twist of the tray. So nice not to have to struggle getting patrician cubes out. Well worth the money

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  6. Sara

    Love the easy design of this tray! So simple to get the ice cubes out and keeps it covered when placing back in the freezer. Don’t have to worry about if you’re going to overfill your tray or spillage on your way back to the freezer. Once you slide the blue casing over the top it seals it and you can tilt the tray to drain the excess water while it keeps the water sealed in each ice molding pocket in the tray. I’ve had other ice cube trays and those don’t even come close to comparison! Don’t struggle like others trying to get the lids to snap back on after getting a few cubes out.

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  7. Anastasia E.

    As a disabled person, a simple task like filling an ice cube tray can be one of those jobs that becomes impossible. I’ve soaked my lap transporting a full tray, or poured water all over the freezer filling in situ with a jug, and totally shattered a hard plastic tray whilst exhausting myself smacking it on the worktop trying to release the ice.

    This is the perfect solution. It really does seal up, as long as you align it correctly (and even then it can easily be repositioned) and then you can just tip the excess water out and transfer to the freezer with no wet lap or floor. And, because it’s sealed, you can just chuck it in the drawer on top of all the uneven items and it will still make cubes. To release, just give it a slight twist, which requires almost no hand strength or dexterity at all, and they’ll just pop right out when you press on them. The rest will then stay in place until you need them, even when you throw them back in at an odd angle.

    It is expensive for just an ice cube tray, but I’ve long accepted that being disabled almost always requires spending more money for the better items that actually do what you need, and being Oxo, it’s a brand I trust.
    For the able bodied, I’d say it’s still worth the price for the ease of use and the ability to freeze without trying to find a flat surface and then close the freezer with mechanical precision at the pace of a snail.

    I’m not on any commission, I’ve just been raving about this ice cube tray to my friends since I got it. Shielding for a over year has obviously made me quite easy to please.

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  8. J. Scott

    These work satisfactorily. Freezing water is not rocket science, however, these trays not old hold water but keep the freezer smell that seems invade the ice cubes to a minimum, maybe even eliminating it. Actually, I haven’t sniffed cubes in a while but the last time I did, there was no noticeable odor. Easy to remove the cubes from the trays.

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  9. Zukovsky

    Tray holds 14 good sized oblong ice cubes, which can also fit through the neck of a 1L flask, great for keeping drinks ice cold for days out.
    The tray is semi rigid and does not flex or bend when carrying it to the freezer, but will release the frozen cubes easily by twisting it.
    The silicone lid seals the water in by laying completely flat over the tray, but you have got to gently smooth over the lid to get the seal.
    You then tip the whole tray to drain excess water from the drainage channels which catch the excess water that spills over while you fill it.
    If the lid is on correctly, there should be no leakage from the ice cube holes.
    Best to freeze this reasonably flat to ensure no leakage, you could get away with a bit of an angle but not sure about tipping it right up on its side.
    I Remove the cubes and place in a freezer bag to take up less room in the freezer. Could probably do 2 to 3 batches to stock up a fair number of cubes, and then remove the tray ( it’s much bigger than a standard ice cube tray ).
    Some of the reviews have complained about a plastic taint to the cubes.
    I suspect they have not received the genuine article but a cheap copy.
    The genuine tray is of a high quality and the food grade materials used have no odour whatsoever.

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  10. Ian Jensen

    Perfect ice trays. lower the silicon, let the extra water drain out. These are the best ice trays. I can’t find a better set of ice trays.

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  11. CO Jen

    The ice slips out effortlessly whether single or all ice is needed. I like the smoothing layer at the top to get excess water out. I bough this because our ice maker was broken and was going to take a couple weeks (in summer) to repair. I’ll still use this in addition.

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  12. Just Some Guy

    I sometimes feel like “Oxo” is the “Apple” of the kitchen. Oxo seems to have developed a cult following of sorts, to the degree that no matter what they produce, no matter how “so-so” a particular item might be*, people are going to be handing out the 5-star reviews to that new smart watch with the 8-hour battery life like they’re handing out bargain-basement Halloween Candy.

    [*See also: 

    OXO Good Grips Cast Iron Pan Brush

    , a grill pan brush which can’t remove much of anything from a grill pan, and which inexplicably has jutting plastic appendages which only limit maneuverability… nearly five stars across the board]

    “How can an ice cube tray actually be *bad*?” you might ask. “I mean, at worst it’ll at least be just an ordinary ice cube tray, right?”

    Well, I used think as you do, theoretical person whose dialogue I just made up. But that was back in my younger, more naïve days when I thought that as long as an ice cube tray could hold liquids, then it was “good enough.” That was back before I realized that sometimes when a product promises to re-invent the wheel with all kinds of new bells and whistles, that not only can those bells and whistles not add anything positive to the product’s performance, but that they may even turn that wheel into a lopsided oval.

    CONS (and it’s mostly cons):

    1) The ODD SMELL/FLAVOR of the ice: Seriously, this reason alone is why I can’t put these trays into permanent storage fast enough. This is why I dread having guests over who want cold drinks. (As you watch them sip their drink, you’ll be closing your eyes and crossing your fingers, trying to do the mental calculus regarding how many drugs your friends did in the 90’s. Were the drugs powerful enough, and in great enough volume, to render your friends’ taste buds dead enough that they are no longer able to register “freezer burn” in the year 2017?)

    I know this can be an issue with *all* ice cube trays, particularly ones made of anything other than metal. It stands to reason that, over time, those trays are going to pick up some off smells from the freezer, and in turn, impart those smells into the flavor of the ice.

    The thing is, that phenomenon happens almost *immediately* after using these Oxo trays a few times. Worse still, that weird off odor/flavor is stronger here than with any other tray I’ve ever used in the past. I hope you and your guests enjoy the hint of “newly discovered Wooly Mammoth” in your iced tea, because that’s what you’re getting with these ice cube trays.

    I figure the problem is this tray’s much touted, weirdly-floppy, silicone lid, the lid which happens to rest flush against the water as it freezes. One thing I’ve noticed about silicone in general is that it tends to pick up foreign flavors and odors, permanently, moreso than just about any other common kitchen material. So that silicone lid you used to cover that bowl of kimchi with? That’s now your permanent kimchi cover, unless you happen to be one of those weirdos who likes his whipped cream with that subtle garlic and fish sauce flavor.

    There’s nothing to be done about that stale freezer-burn smell either. I’ve tried soaking these trays in a water/bleach solution. I’ve tried scrubbing the floppy lid with a paste made from baking soda. Never mind the fact that I shouldn’t even have to resort to this much work just to get neutral-tasting ice. Neither attempt did anything.

    2) The FLOPPINESS: If off-tasting ice isn’t enough to steer you away from these trays, please consider the pretentiousness of the lid itself. When you first receive these trays, you’re immediately surprised that the lid you saw in the product image turns out not to be a conventional lid at all. It’s not a stiff cover that rests above the tray. No. It’s a new-fangled floppy layer of silicone that actually comes into direct contact with the water in the tray.

    You see, it wasn’t enough for Oxo to simply create a lid that helped prevent stuff from falling into your ice cube tray and help prevent spills. No. They had to do it in a way that would make you “Ooh” and “Ahh” over Oxo’s audacious sorcery.

    “What in the world!” the designers at Oxo imagined consumers saying, as they gleefully rubbed their hands together and fidgeted with their granny glasses and flexed their ultra-tight jeans**. “I knew the covers would be able to prevent spills and enable the trays to be turned sideways, but not like this! Why, these are floppy layers of silicone. Floppy, I say! How in the world can such floppiness prevent water from spilling out?”

    [**I think it’s a safe assumption that the Oxo headquarters are populated exclusively by hipsters.]

    Okay, I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t know what’s going on here, people. The weird floppy lids do in fact prevent liquid water from spilling out, even when the trays are angled a bit. I don’t know if it’s the magic of air pressure, inertia, photosynthesis, or quantum physics. Damnit, I’m an Amazon reviewer, not a doctor. All I can tell you is that floppy weirdness works.

    But only sort of.

    You see, while one technically *can* gently fill their Oxo Ice Cube Tray with liquid water, slap on that silicone cover, and then turn the tray at an angle without a spill happening—I’d like to see a show of hands of any of these five-star reviewers who actually elect to *store* their filled trays this way. You see, it’s one thing to gingerly perform this scientific demonstration once, just to see if it works. It’s another thing to feel confident enough in this vacuum magic trick to fill the tray with water, apply the lid and slam the tray into your freezer sideways.***

    [***Hint: You really shouldn’t do this. One jostle of those floppy lids, and the magical seal is broken, and then you’ve got water everywhere. Hence, the lids’ ability to “seal in” water is a novelty at best.]

    3) THE ROOM required to store these trays: This is another wildly inconvenient aspect of these trays. They take up WAY more room than a normal ice cube tray. You see, there’s this big trough around the outside of the cube compartments themselves. I don’t know if that trough is a necessity for the magical (and impractical) vacuum seal to work. Or maybe it’s another pretentious bell and whistle, trying to sell people on the fact that one can be really sloppy during the filling process and not have to worry as much about spills.

    I don’t know the reason for the trough. But the end result is that there’s an extra inch or two of basically useless space along the length and width of these things. That makes for some pretty inconvenient storage issues, especially if you’re like most people and freezer space is at a premium.

    The PRO:

    1) Once frozen, the ice cubes come out pretty easily, with a minimum of fidgeting required.

    Yeah, that’s it for the pros. The ice may taste and smell weird, but at least you can get that odd-smelling ice into your drink with a minimum of hassle.

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  13. soulrebelno1

    I’ve lost count how much I’ve spent on ice cube trays over the years; they usually end up cracking and are a pain to use. I ordered two of these trays and have been really impressed with them. What a well thought out design; the tray just uses simple physics to seal the water in using surface tension – simple and very effective. The last trays I ordered used clips and a plastic top, but the clips have snapped off because of the cold. The bottom of each ice cube compartment is a ‘D’ shape, this makes it very easy to get the cubes out. All you need to do is to twist the tray slightly (or let it warm up a bit), then press one end of the cube, they will then just pop-up and you can tip them out. Overall, a well thought out design that actually works, highly recommended.

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