OXO Good Grips Silicone Stackable Ice Cube Tray with Lid – Large Cube,Dark Blue

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Specification: OXO Good Grips Silicone Stackable Ice Cube Tray with Lid – Large Cube,Dark Blue


Silicone tray


Dark Blue





Item Weight

8.6 ounces

Is Dishwasher Safe


Material Type Free

PVC Free, BPA Free

Product Dimensions

7.5 x 2.5 x 5 inches



Country of Origin


Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

August 3, 2015

13 reviews for OXO Good Grips Silicone Stackable Ice Cube Tray with Lid – Large Cube,Dark Blue

3.9 out of 5
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  1. David Schaefer

    You know how you want that perfect ice cube that keeps everything cold and doesn’t melt too fast? Right here. Look no farther. Great price too.

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  2. Fiona P

    These cubes are a great size and last well in drinks, if you are having juice or alcohol drinks, you probably wouldn’t notice this, but if you are just using them for iced water then there is a chemical taste of silicone which makes it very unpleasant and puts me off using these in a proper drink. Maybe it will wear off in time but other silicone ice cube makers I have used have the same problem. Otherwise it is great, the frame and the lid means you can get it in the freezer without spillages, I’m not being extra taste sensitive, both my husband and son tried it and could taste the silicone too.

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  3. Mark Bustamante

    Overall this seems like a pretty good ice maker, though I’ve only used it once. Why only once? Because I’m an idiot who failed geometry multiple times and didn’t correctly estimate that this would fit in my Hydroflask…

    Larger ice cubes melt slower, so I wanted these for all day and overnight cold water in my Hydroflask bottle. I measured the cube size (roughly 1.8 inches) and it seemed like it would fit the Hydroflask opening which is a little over 2 inches at it’s widest. Well fast forward to using it and the ice cube just sits on top because the corners get in the way of it going through.

    As for the product itself, it’s perfectly fine and works the way it’s supposed to. Cubes are a little tough to get out but release easier than other silicone molds I’ve used. The rigid container is nice when filling with liquid as it won’t buckle in your hands. The cover fits well and needs just a little muscle to pop off.

    Guess I’ll learn to make fancy cocktails or something as that’s the only way I’ll use it now…

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  4. james

    Giant ice cubes are essential for Gin & Tonic and I’m currently in the process sampling various options in order to stock the best for my own use and recommend to other discerning consumers.
    My Lakeland Giant Ice-Cube Tray (currently unavailable for purchase from Amazon, but which has excellent reviews), is unique inasmuch each pod has 4 independent tapered walls and rigid rim so decanting cubes is easy, but as it lacked container and lid, I ordered this.
    The OXO Good Grips design comprises conjoined-pods with vertical walls rather than independent pods with tapered walls but, unlike other conjoined-pod designs on offer (which work much better), the walls are too thin for optimum manipulation and the underside is flat rather than profiled, two design flaws that impede the cube decanting process.
    The container and lid should in theory comprise an important selling point due to lack of competition and OXO Good Grips could have capitalized on this, but the underside tray rim sits directly onto the container rim without a gap. Thus if water splashes onto underside of rim whilst refilling, or if wet hands contact underside of rim whilst refilling, the moisture thus deposited cause tray and container to stick together once frozen. Not recommended.

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  5. Praneet Paidisetty

    I trust oxo when buying kitchen items. They have never failed me. However, for what it is, this item is expensive, but there is nothing really else like it on the market, so there is no good basis of comparison. But, I am happy with the cool ice that it makes.

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  6. Shelly K.

    This is the perfect size cube for our nightly bourbon when we camp. The small tray takes up very little room in the freezer, and the lid means that it can have items stacked on top.

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  7. Advocate for Truth

    This makes big cubes that take all day to melt in a double-walled drink cup. Wonderful to have on a hot day. The tray works great as a cold-bag ice pack, so I got this second one–no space between cubes means it holds the cold very well–on 12 hour trip in HOT summer temperatures.

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  8. T

    This is junk total rip off
    Oxo should be ashamed of themselves selling something like this at an extortionate price
    no way is this worth the asking price of between £10.99 and £18
    you can buy a 8 cube Tray from Asda for only £2.50
    yes the plastic frame that holds the silicone cube is ok but does not justify the price and especially as it only makes 6 cubes not 8 like most other trays

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  9. FatCat

    I wanted a ice cube tray to store yoghurt cultures in, and the large cube oxo tray looked like it would do the job.

    Ordered it, it turned up, I froze some water in it to see how easy it was to get out etc.

    One lot of water.

    Time to put yoghurt in it so I take out the ice (not too bad to get out but not as easy as advertised) and found white grey stuff in the tray, which I cannot remove.

    This makes it no good to me, or anyone I would imagine, so I attempted to return it, on the grounds that it’s performance or quality was not adequate.

    I was then informed that this item is not eligible for return.

    Nowhere on the listing does it state this, not that I can find anyway – and I can find reviews where people have said they returned it.

    So, I’d advise, strongly advise, against anyone buying it.

    It may meet your needs, it may not, but if it doesn’t you can’t return it.

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  10. Muffit

    Yes, a little difficult to separate cubes from the tray. Dip bottom of tray in warm water, and push up from bottom, and the cubes will release. I love the large square ice cubes. The larger ice will last much longer than smaller ice cubes.

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  11. Kate

    Exactly what I was expecting. Cleaned with soap and hot water before use. No smell of silicone. Love this product! Easy to get out. It literally says on the package to rinse under warm water to loosen before extracting. Popped out in 3 seconds. Love the size! Highly recommend and will order more.

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  12. William J. Snyder

    I once had some of the Ice Ball makers and they were not worth the effort that it took to use them. So, I started looking at big cubes. There are several brands out there to choose from, but Oxo typically has a good reputation. I was particularly drawn to this product because it makes 6 cubes (most make 2 or 4) and because it has a hard case that is stackable. So far, I am very pleased. I have two of these and with distilled water they make perfect, crystal clear, GIANT ice cubes. This goes great with a rocks glass and some Bourbon. It can be difficult to get the cubes out of the tray; especially if you keep your freezer as cold as mine. However, if you let them sit at room temperature for a couple minutes; then you can pop the cubes right out. I liked the first one I bought so much that I bought a second one a few days later.

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  13. LondonLife

    These are perfect cubes for cocktails that you want to keep their strength but stay chilled. I love the size of the cubes, the covered trays are stackable and easy to fill. One small thing is that its very difficult to get the cubes out for me as I have arthritic hands and fingers which make my grip weak. So peeling these things out is a bit of trouble. Thankfully my partner has an iron grip and its easy work for him. If it were up to me I probably wouldn’t use them because of that difficulty. There is an OXO tray which makes the cubes easy to release but they are average cubes so they aren’t this large style for cocktails – but that is what I use instead because it is easier for my hands.

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    OXO Good Grips Silicone Stackable Ice Cube Tray with Lid – Large Cube,Dark Blue
    OXO Good Grips Silicone Stackable Ice Cube Tray with Lid – Large Cube,Dark Blue


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