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Premium Clear Ice Ball Maker Mold – Whiskey Ice Ball Maker Large 2.4 Inch – Crystal Clear Ice Maker Sphere – Sphere Ice Mold Maker with Storage Bag…

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Specification: Premium Clear Ice Ball Maker Mold – Whiskey Ice Ball Maker Large 2.4 Inch – Crystal Clear Ice Maker Sphere – Sphere Ice Mold Maker with Storage Bag…









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2.59 pounds

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BPA Free

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4.7 x 8.5 x 7.3 inches

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Date First Available

February 2, 2021

10 reviews for Premium Clear Ice Ball Maker Mold – Whiskey Ice Ball Maker Large 2.4 Inch – Crystal Clear Ice Maker Sphere – Sphere Ice Mold Maker with Storage Bag…

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  1. Bell Family

    GOOD NEWS: This ice cube maker does exactly what it says it will do: makes beautiful, crystal clear ice balls for your cocktails… or whatever beverage you want to ‘dress up’!

    It’s very easy and non-complicated to use following the simple steps. I have made three or four batches of ice balls at this point and they’re awesome! I have been extremely impressed at how cold they keep my drink and how slow they melt even when I am poolside in 105° heat. Highly recommend! They take my drink to a new level…. I feel so sophisticated, lol!

    BAD NEWS: if you live alone, there is no hope you will be able to remove the silicone molds after you have frozen the ice balls in the freezer. Literally: NO chance. As I said, I’ve made several batches, and every time I’ve tried to pop the ice balls out, it takes both me and my husband to remove the silicone mold. Like, I’m holding the bottom and my husband is pulling the silicone handles with all his might using both hands (and he’s plenty strong lol!) So, if you live alone, hopefully you have a nice strong neighbor (not a 90 lb weakling) who can help you remove the mold or you’ll never get the ice balls out. Of course, you will now have to use up one of your 2 ice balls and some of your liquor to probably reward said neighbor…. so this could prove costly. It’s literally IMPOSSIBLE for one person to remove the ice balls. I have experimented with different things like running a little tapwater over the icemaker to try to loosen up the mold but nothing has worked so far.

    Other than the super frustrating difficulty of removing the ice balls, I am very pleased with the actual product it makes!

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  2. ibkev

    Makes crystal clear ice reliably every time. The shape is perfectly spherical except for a dimple and sometimes some small edges (depending on how carefully I fit together the 2 sides of the rubber molding) which I trim off using a small paring knife (very simple and takes 5-10 seconds each.)

    Also, at first I had trouble getting the rubber forms out as others have reported but I discovered that it comes out quite easily if I not only break the seal the ice has formed between the rubber forms and the container by tugging on the rubber handles but I ALSO pull down/up to pry the rubber form away from the container on the 2 sides that don’t have handles. Since I figured that out, I have no trouble.

    ALSO, although it takes 48 hrs to make, you get much more ice than just the 4 spheres, since a by-product of making the spheres is that a block of clear ice is created at the bottom of the insulating container which, since ice is surprisingly brittle, you can easily cut up into nice irregular shapes. Long shards are perfect for highball glasses. Once you have the spherical ice forms out, just leave the cooler part upside down in your sink until the ice block falls out (about an hour or so).

    I’ve been really pleased that I got this.

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  3. Gary Rogers

    This product is amazing . I am not a chemist so this is just a mystery to me . The ice balls that I have made are completely crystal clear . I used filtered cold water from my municipal water supply . WOW !!!

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  4. Zawz

    I’m a very skeptical person. So I went into this expecting it to not work. But I’m so glad to say I was wrong. The ice balls came out crystal clear, and very easy to remove.

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  5. CarlisleChief

    I had been buying clear ice from a company for years at $1 a piece BUT I had to buy 40 at a time so that took up a lot of freezer space! This makes Perfectly Clear ice, I use filtered water from the fridge, and they come out Awesome!! Love this product- may buy a 2nd one just because 🤩

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  6. Carter

    Bought this as a gift for my boyfriend and he is very happy with it. Ice is pretty clear for the most part (occasional cloudiness on the bottom corners). Super easy to refill and make ice. The only complaint he has had is that if you leave it in the freezer for more than 48hrs the plastic mold is impossible to remove without having to melt some of the ice. Other than that he says it’s one of his favorite gifts of all times.

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  7. William W. Hopper

    The invention of the automatic ice maker is a godsend in my book. Though it gets boring when you have the same old ice maker machine ice for when you want an ice-cold drink in a nice glass.

    And then, in steps the Berlinzo Clear Ice Ball Maker Mold, and you have fancy-dancy ice balls for your fancy drinks.

    While it is not automatic, you have to fill this mold and its holder with water, then place it in the freezer for up to 24 hours, indeed it works. My first Ice Ball was terrific, now my second one was not so great, but that was my fault, as I did not dump the ice that formed in the base of the holder out and start fresh with all water. Not sure why, but I see in other comments on the page that it needs to breathe.

    It was an easy process, to clean the mold and holder when I took it out of the box, filled the holder with water, inserted the mold into the holder, and placed it in my freezer. Just make sure you have room in your freezer for the holder, it is a tad bulky. The next day I took it out, opened it up and there was a perfect ice ball. I have read some comments that the ice did not come out clear, for me it did, using only Washington DC City tap water. I wonder if I use fancy bottled water if the ice will be even better.
    The only downside I see is it makes one ice ball at a time, and it takes 24 hours. Fine if you want to drink alone or are thinking far enough ahead that you take several days to make several ice balls for drinks with friends. Though I see on their site they have a two-ice ball mold set up as well. For now, I will continue to make one ice ball a day and put the ice ball in my freezer ice storage bucket. I took several out that I made day after day, and they were all just fine.

    I am pleased with the ease of use, the quality of materials, and the finished product that the mold makes. I like its well-designed packaging, and the shipping on Amazon was quick and no hassle. This is a great housewarming gift, or general gift, for a friend who likes to make nice drinks. You don’t have to drink alcohol to have a nice-looking drink with ice in it, it will be great for an Arnold Palmer-style drink. I think kids will get a kick out of these ice balls in their drinks too, it will make them feel so grown up. I am looking forward to making a bunch of ice balls and having them stacked up in a glass ice container for a future event.

    I think you will enjoy this product as much as I have, and am going to this fancy-dancy drink season!

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  8. Carlos Reyes

    Ice balls are crystal clear, it is quite difficult to remove the balls if you do not thaw the bottom Ice after first batch.

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  9. Kurt Hannahs

    These took me a little while to figure out the right method, but once I did they’ve worked great. I read a few reviews that said if you leave it in the freezer too long the ice balls will be cloudy, however that hasn’t been my experience. I left these in my freezer while on vacation for 3 weeks, when I came home and pulled out the molds they ice balls will still crystal clear.

    The only knock I have on these is that it takes a long time to make the ice balls. The manufacturer says 24-36 hours, my experience is that it’s closer to 36 or even 48 hours. Now I do have a huge freezer chest in my garage where I put these, so that might be part of the issue.

    Is also wish the ice balls were just a little bigger, but all and all these things are freaking awesome.

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  10. Amazon Customer

    I finally found the perfect way to make those sexy clear ice balls.. we saw them at Cut restaurant in Las Vegas and I fell in love with how they made my drink look so me and my fiancé went on a mission to recreate them. From boiling the water before making the cubes to adding oxygenated water, nothing worked. This does!!! I guess the trick is that this device envelopes the ice balls in water while they are freezing and when you remove the ice balls that water is still unfrozen somehow, maybe because of the silicone trays. I’m not scientist but whatever it is, it works!! It’s a little tuff to remove because the trays are such a tight fit but take your time and they come out perfectly clear and round. Love this in my tequila sipper!

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    Premium Clear Ice Ball Maker Mold – Whiskey Ice Ball Maker Large 2.4 Inch – Crystal Clear Ice Maker Sphere – Sphere Ice Mold Maker with Storage Bag…
    Premium Clear Ice Ball Maker Mold – Whiskey Ice Ball Maker Large 2.4 Inch – Crystal Clear Ice Maker Sphere – Sphere Ice Mold Maker with Storage Bag…


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