PREMIUM Ice Ball Molds (6-Pack), BPA Free 2.5 Inch Ice Spheres. Slow Melting Round Ice Cube Maker for Whiskey and Bourbon

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  • SLOW MELT ICE BALLS – Bella Amazing ice molds make the perfect clear 2.5 inch round balls. These huge spherical slow melting ice will make your cocktail last longer. This decorative giant crystal spheres will make your drinking experience unique as well as will impress your guests!
  • REUSABLE AND STACKABLE MOLDS- This is the only mold in the market that conserves space and is full stackable; other products in the market are hard to storage and will decrease the space of your freezer. Bella ice sphere mold is reusable so you don’t have to spend money on getting new molds. Pack includes 6 ice spheres molds.
  • VALUE PACK- You can use these molds for anything from adding ice to drinks to serving iced fruits; works well with whisky, bourbon, vodka, spirits, scotch, rum and cocktails since it preserves the flavor of the drink. Another good way to use it is by making ice balls from fruit juice, alcohol infusions, or by just adding lemon slices or slide fruit to the water. This set is the perfect gift for home, parties, bartenders, decorations, restaurants, bars and more.
  • SAFETY IN MIND- This round shaped ice mold is BPA free and is made with durable and lasting food-grade materials. It is also dishwasher safe so makes it easy and fast to clean. After each use take the cups, glasses, bucket and molds and clean them together so all your party supplies will be ready and clean for next use
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE- We guarantee that our product will meet your expectations. If for any reason, it doesn’t, we offer free returns no questions asked.

Specification: PREMIUM Ice Ball Molds (6-Pack), BPA Free 2.5 Inch Ice Spheres. Slow Melting Round Ice Cube Maker for Whiskey and Bourbon









Item Weight

1.32 pounds

Is Dishwasher Safe


Material Type Free

BPA Free

Product Dimensions

9.76 x 5.94 x 3.43 inches


Bella Amazing

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

October 24, 2017

9 reviews for PREMIUM Ice Ball Molds (6-Pack), BPA Free 2.5 Inch Ice Spheres. Slow Melting Round Ice Cube Maker for Whiskey and Bourbon

4.7 out of 5
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  1. #does it really matter

    Love these. Easy clean.

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  2. watch nut

    Excellent product with 6 of these, you can pretty soon build up lot of ice cubes

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  3. hapy2bme33

    Admittedly, I just got these yesterday, so I can’t speak for their longevity yet, but I am happy with them so far, and will update this review down the road if my impressions change, or if there is something significant to update.
    First, they arrive in a box inside a bubbly envelope. They seem to have fared well in shipping. My set did not have the issue with the misshaped lip on the silicon top. I gave them a quick wash and went to work. As you can see from my pictures, I had some mixed results, but this is due to user error, and not the product itself. I got a few egg-shaped balls and some nice round ones. This was due to various levels of filling them.
    Others have written that they are hard to fill. I took someone else’s advice and filled them to the line inside via the faucet, and then put the tops on them and filled them the rest of the way with a condiment squeeze bottle that fit perfectly into the little hole in the top. The ones I filled all the way to the top expanded and gave me egg-shaped “balls.” The ones I left down a little from the top gave me nice round balls. If you over fill them, simply flip them upside down and give the center of the lid a little press, and the water will squirt out. Keep squirting a little at a time until you reach the fill level you desire.
    Yes, as some have complained, they do have an equator once frozen. This is due to the design, but for a <$25 set of 6, the slight equator doesn't bother me at all. It's a small sacrifice to not pay upwards of $200+ for something that makes one or two "perfect" balls at a time.
    A few things I learned in my first round of ice balls: when you take them out of the freezer, run them under tepid-warm water for a few seconds BEFORE opening. This will loosen them in the mold without the water coming into contact with the ice ball. Then, twist the top and it will dislodge from the plastic base. Once dislodged, squeeze the sides of the top of the silicon lid (kind of hard), while holding it over the base, and the ball will pop out of the silicon and into the base, ready to be transported to your ice bin or favorite beverage. On my first one, I got excited and opened it up quickly without running it under water. When I did this, the silicon top came off, and the ball was frozen in the base. I tried to run it under water with the top off and the shock of the water hitting the ball caused it to fracture. It stayed in one piece, but it was all cracked and wet. When you run the sealed container under water, it seems like it was less of a shock to the ice inside, so it didn’t crack, and the ball wasn’t all wet when I took it out. Finally, I like that they are stackable. It takes a little fiddling to get them seated, but once they are seated and stacked, they are stable and stand well in the freezer. On that note, due to all the stuff in mt freezer, I wasn’t able to stand them perfectly upright in the freezer. They were slightly off kilter, but didn’t leak.
    I am enjoying an adult beverage with a nice ice ball floating in it, and round 2 is in the freezer as I write this review. All in all, I am very happy with my purchase. If anything goes wrong, I will post an update.

    ***UPDATE*** Been using theme for over a year and still love them, especially for the price point. Things i’ve learned: fill them to the top with the lid off. The gently put the lid on and flip upside down. You can squish the center of the cover a little and bleed out some of the water until the air bubble is between the size of a nickle and a quarter. Then turn right side up and into the freezer they go. To egt them out, I sit them upside down in the sink and run warm water on them for about 30 seconds. Then the pup out of the container easily. A good solid squeeze on the silicon top and out the pop!. I would buy again, but I don’t see the need anytime soon, as they are holding up quite well.

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  4. Herb

    No dislikes

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  5. Mcoffey

    Have not tried flavors, but I can bet it would be amazing. We call these fancy ice. Drinks stay colder longer than with store bought ice.

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  6. just me

    I like that these stack and save room in the freezer. Really nice size ice. Keeps my drink cold without too much melting and they look impressive in the glass. Learning curve on the freeze time. Ice seems to not be as clear the longer the ice stays in the mold. Still making clear ice is nearly impossible without spending a fortune for the mold. This one does well enough. Bought an extra set as a gift.

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  7. Selective buyer

    Earlier I purchased a different type of mold that required a mini funnel to fill the 6 sphere molds. I was never able to figure out the right mount of water. My ability to get a perfect sphere was always pure luck. Sometimes round and other times one side a little flat. These molds are so easy. Just fill to the brim and slowly slide the cap in place. Perfectly round sphere each time. No alteration in the flavor of the water. Definitely recommend.

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  8. Ron

    I wish I had a picture because this item works great If I had more room in my freezer I would buy 5 more. Even if you overfill them they still work great. The ice lasts in extremely long time and is clear. I have bought multiple ice ball makers and this one is my favorite.

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  9. Amazon Customer

    Enjoyed product

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    PREMIUM Ice Ball Molds (6-Pack), BPA Free 2.5 Inch Ice Spheres. Slow Melting Round Ice Cube Maker for Whiskey and Bourbon
    PREMIUM Ice Ball Molds (6-Pack), BPA Free 2.5 Inch Ice Spheres. Slow Melting Round Ice Cube Maker for Whiskey and Bourbon


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