Rester’s Choice Ice Pack for Injuries Reusable – (Standard Large: 11×14.5″) for Hip, Shoulder, Knee, Back – Hot & Cold Compress for Swelling,…

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  • RELIEVE PAIN EASILY – This reusable ice pad rapidly freezes for easy & frequent use. Hot or cold, it will ease your aches and reduce inflammation. Each pad is packed full of our proprietary gel to maintain temperatures longer than lead competitors.
  • COMPRESSION THERAPY – Alleviate pain and swelling using natural heat and cold compression. Use it as a microwave heating pad or as cold packs for injuries anywhere that needs it. Make sure to place cloth between your skin and gel pack to avoid ice burn!
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Our large ice pack wrap is made to last with high quality binding that prevents leaks or tears, and a non-abrasive exterior that’s gentle on skin. The sectional construction ensures the gel evenly distributes for better, easier application.
  • FLEXIBLE WHEN FROZEN – Scientifically formulated, our gel was designed to find the best balance of cooling temperatures while maximizing flexibility. Even when frozen, it’s pliable and easily wraps around your tender spots.
  • THE RESTER’S CHOICE PROMISE – Guaranteed to last a lifetime, our hot & cold packs lessen your limps, better your back, and alleviate your aches forever!

Specification: Rester’s Choice Ice Pack for Injuries Reusable – (Standard Large: 11×14.5″) for Hip, Shoulder, Knee, Back – Hot & Cold Compress for Swelling,…

Package Dimensions

11.34 x 4.88 x 1.93 inches, 2.76 Pounds

Date First Available

September 26, 2019


Rester’s Choice

13 reviews for Rester’s Choice Ice Pack for Injuries Reusable – (Standard Large: 11×14.5″) for Hip, Shoulder, Knee, Back – Hot & Cold Compress for Swelling,…

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  1. Liza

    I have 4 of these and all have leaked at the seam after a couple weeks. I got a refund for 1 from Amazon and bought another, which hasn’t started leaking yet.
    There are seams that separate the gel, but they are not stabilized and the gel started leaking from them very quickly. I have them sealed in XL ziplock bags, but that’s not ideal

    I have never heated them and leave them laying flat in the freezer. I used them constantly, so that’s why I have 4.

    I contacted the company and hope they will send replacements ASAP.

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  2. Corinne in Phoenix

    This has worked perfectly for my chronic lower back pain. I have sat with it in the left to right position as well as the top to bottom position. I’ve also taken it to bed. It stays cold far, far longer than it’s recommended to use it. It’s so cold I did wrap it in a thin towel, which I don’t usually do because other products aren’t so cold. This was well worth the money and I definitely wish I’d done it sooner. I haven’t used it for heat yet. I think if the user is careful in the storage and use of the product it will last a very long time. Seems very well made!

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  3. dnhhn

    Used to ice a total knee replacement post-surgery. Size is just about right for covering top and both sides of swollen knee area, or, moving it up the leg, swollen thigh area. A bit unwieldy and heavy (it’s heavier than you might think), but once positioned, with an appropriately thick cloth towel between the gel pack and skin (don’t skimp on thickness until you find the right thickness for your safety and tolerance), does the icing job well (20 minutes on, 20 minutes off, 20 minutes on one more time).

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  4. sir

    This ice pack is wonderful! I was injured when a dog plowed into my legs from behind and lifted me up where I fell on my back. The pain in my back was terrible. I couldn’t bend without the pain. I was so worried that this might be my new normal. I ordered this ice pack and started using it 2 to 3 times a day. It’s been two months since the accident and I’ve been using the pack for about 3 weeks. I’m happy to say that I’m slowing but surely getting back to normal. I can bend again without the intense pain. This really helped and I’m grateful for the product. I can use it for 30 minutes on my back, another 20 minutes on my shoulder (was also injured in the fall), and my knee (chronic issues from pervious injuries). I highly recommend it and I just ordered another one as backup.

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  5. Pookahantus

    Holy moly these these things get COLD. I’d like to explain that before ordering these, I was using mashed potatoes frozen inside a ziplock freezer bag. To be honest I couldn’t find anything in store that stayed as cold for as long as this unhygienic bag of mashed potatoes…
    Until I bought these ice packs.
    After only having them for a day, I have been able to throw away the old potatoes.
    I actually had to put a the ice bags into thick socks to be able to hold them against my skin for any length of time without giving my toes frost bite.

    Besides my initial shock about how cold these ice packs get, I’ve noticed that they remain very malleable (even after stayinb in yhe giand can easily be formed around the body.
    The material the pack is made from is alv thick and of excellent quality. A lot these types of ice packs get damp from condensation during use, but these remained totally dry.

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  6. Peace Pirate

    These gel packs are outstanding. They have a very high thermal mass so they stay cold a long time. They have a heavy poly mesh outer covering which means they will last a long time as well. This covering also adds a light layer of insulation, which I think slows the transfer of heat slightly, adding to the effectiveness of cold therapy, (you can leave it on longer, getting the cold in deeper). I could be wrong, but they make a demonstrable difference in joint and tendon pain in my arms, hands and shoulders. I bought three so I can swap them in and at least one is always cold. After a week of using them, I’ve never even gotten beyond using one. I fear if I did, I’d get frostbite. These are excellent products and a superb value.

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  7. Kay

    I have arthritis in my knee and many mornings it is swollen. I make my coffee, grab this out of my freezer wrap it in a towel and wrap it around my knee. About half an hour or so later, swelling is down.
    I like that it is big enough to cover my knee.
    Works great!

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  8. brooke

    I just wanted to say ive been using gel cool packs for 20 years around the clock due to inflammation. even though I thought it would be bigger it’s the best one ive ever used. the material is durable, well made, holds the cold for longer, has got baffles so the gel stays in each one evenly and makes it easier to shape to your body. a big thank you for really doing your research well done Rester’s Choice!

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  9. Jenjen3

    The design and multiple uses make this ice pack our favorite. We have three at our our own home. This was for my fellas dad. Back aches and common aches made this a must. He was so happy after the first time he used it. We had raved about ours. Do not hesitate to buy. This company stands behind their product.

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  10. Teakzone

    I bought a couple of these ice packs based on the larger size as well as reviews saying that they stayed cold for a long time, and they were exactly what I was hoping for. They freeze well and remain fairly flexible when frozen, so that they can be wrapped around whatever it is you’re trying to ice. They do stay cold for a very long time, and are cold enough to work effectively even when they’re wrapped in a towel to protect your skin. The material they are made out of is nice and soft even when very cold, but wipes off easily. We used them consistently several times a day for weeks while recovering from surgery, and they were pretty much perfect for our needs. Highly recommended!

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  11. Suzanne Borghese

    First I was thrilled to find a two pack as I needed to have something to switch out regularly. The size is perfect for me and the quality is terrific!
    I read the reviews before buying and I’ve tried to apply pressure around the seals before using to check those seams as many folks said this item leaks. Mine are All Good!

    The cold stays for hours and hours! I use these for keeping my dogs prescribed diet food cold when travelling and as a chill pack for him in his booster seat.
    I that you can shape the product to freeze and surround something like a dish. As it warms the froze flat can also be forced to bend around something and like I said they stay super cold for hours!
    Completely satisfied with my purchase!

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  12. Jennifer C.

    I have had many different types of ice packs for my lower back and I have disliked them all for one reason or another. They leak, they don’t stay cold long, they are uncomfortable or hard, always something! Not with this ice pack. It stays very cold for a very long time, it is flexible while still very cold, and I haven’t had any leaks. I use a hand towel around the ice pack since it is so cold straight out of the freezer, but after about an hour, I can take the towel off. I love how long it stays cold and how easy it is to use. I don’t have to move it around to get the cold spots or get it comfortable. I highly recommend this ice pack!

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  13. JC

    It could be me, but this ice pack gets colder than my other ice packs. That is actually good is I can ice a couple areas on my body at one go, but I do have to wrap this ice pack in a towel or a t-shirt or it will burn my skin. That is to be expected, and the ice pack overall is very large and performs excellently. This is my second purchase and I couldn’t be happier.

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    Rester’s Choice Ice Pack for Injuries Reusable – (Standard Large: 11×14.5″) for Hip, Shoulder, Knee, Back – Hot & Cold Compress for Swelling,…
    Rester’s Choice Ice Pack for Injuries Reusable – (Standard Large: 11×14.5″) for Hip, Shoulder, Knee, Back – Hot & Cold Compress for Swelling,…


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