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Round Ice Cube Tray with Lid & Bin Ice Ball Maker Mold for Freezer with Container Mini Circle Ice Cube Tray Making 66PCS Sphere Ice Chilling…

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  • Easy to Release:This ice cube trays are made of hard plastic which makes round ice cube easier to release than silicone ice cube mold. After taking the mold out of the freezer, open the lid and slightly twist the tray to release the ice.
  • Easy to Use: The circle ice cube mold consists of one tray and a lid with small holes.Just pour about 300ml of liquid into the tray at one time and close the lip. Than put the mold into the freezer for 4 hours, you can get 1 inch x 33pcs sphere ice balls.(2 trays can produce 66pcs balls at one time)
  • Approved Material: Our ice cube molds are made of high quality food-grade material. BPA free, no smell, no toxic.Safe and durable.
  • Ice Ball Container&Scoop: Each ice cube maker set comes with two trays, one 10.0X6.3×3.8 inches container which can hold 200pcs ice cube balls, and a Mini scoop. This Ice cube set is perfect for a summer party.
  • Wide Application:Perfect for whiskey, cocktails, Coffee, infusing fruit or herbs. Try infusing mint for that perfect Mojito or strawberries for that delicious lemonade.

Specification: Round Ice Cube Tray with Lid & Bin Ice Ball Maker Mold for Freezer with Container Mini Circle Ice Cube Tray Making 66PCS Sphere Ice Chilling…

Product Dimensions

9.8 x 6.2 x 3.8 inches

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1.28 pounds

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Date First Available

May 19, 2021

7 reviews for Round Ice Cube Tray with Lid & Bin Ice Ball Maker Mold for Freezer with Container Mini Circle Ice Cube Tray Making 66PCS Sphere Ice Chilling…

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  1. Michele Suire

    We are serious ice people and I have been looking for something to easily make little ice balls. I’ve tried things way more expensive than this and they never worked. So I was absolutely expecting to hate this product but I completely love it. Yes the balls are not always completely round but who cares. It is super easy to fill, the trays stack nicely and take up almost no freezer space and best of all, the ice comes right out every time! Just get it, you’ll love it.

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  2. Working At Home

    With the heat being what it is and a house full of Hydro-Flasks we go through ice much faster than my little Frigidaire ice-maker can keep up with.

    My freezer has intermittently stopped making ice for us almost since the purchase date. We finally gave up on it and bought a free-standing Frigidaire ice-maker from Costco. It was a great price and works great. The only problem is even though it produces pretty quickly, It just can’t meet the demand for ice in my household. The other problem is that since the new ice-cubes are produced so quickly, they melt away quickly as well.

    I had been on the hunt for some GOOD ice making trays for a while. Something with a lid to keep the ice clean and free from any kind of freezer food debris.

    My daughter sent me the link to these, I read the reviews and clicked purchase.
    The trays arrived the next day. Everything was in great condition and odor free. I had read so many reviews on other trays where people said the chemical odor and TASTE was overwhelming. So when these arrived that’s the first thing I checked for.

    I washed them out with soap, water and a touch of bleach to be safe. I used bottled water to fill them. (I use water bottles kept in the fridge, this helps freeze the spheres more quickly) I followed the directions that were included and incorporated some clues I found in the reviews by other customers. I filled them up just a bit past the fill-line (this is just over 1/2 of a16 ounce water bottle) and kept an eye out for the little spouts of water that pop up when you place the tops on. Four hours later…oops a little too soon. Gave them a full 8 hours to solidify…perfect little solid spheres!

    The ice balls were pretty easy to remove. To get them out I twist slightly from side-to-side and flip over to empty the contents right into the container that is conveniently included with the trays. Both trays will fill the storage container about halfway.

    The ice-balls are very solid. I filled my 40 ounce Hydro-Flask to the top with the perfect little spheres, added a bottle of cold water from the refrigerator and went about my day. A full 24 hours and a couple of water refills later, I still had about 1/4 of the flask left with in tact ice. No chemical taste or smell.

    I love these trays. I just placed an order for a second set. With the economy being what it is, I can really stand to cut some corners. After the second set arrives I will be able to unplug my faithful little Frigidaire and give it and my electricity bill a little break. These trays are a great little investment. If I had more freezer space I would buy a couple more!

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  3. Shayla Peregoy

    Love how cute the cubes are! I feel like they somehow last longer than normal ice maker cubes (maybe just because there are more of them). But they’re kind of a pain to twist out of the tray. I typically end up having to grab several out with my nail but it doesn’t take too long. I keep telling myself that I’ll just get normal ice cube trays for convenience but haven’t yet and it’s been weeks. Filling them can be a bit messy at first when you put the top tray on but once you figure out how much water to add before putting the top on, it’s less messy.

    Anyway, they’re cute and more fun than normal ice cube trays for sure and the ice bucket it comes with is very convenient. I’d say overall it’s worth the purchase

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  4. Amy W.

    I started making these about a week ago because we moved into a new house and our ice machine had not been hooked up yet, well ever since I started making them, my whole family loves them and my husband hasn’t even hooked up the ice maker at all…so I guess I’m the “ ice maker” now…lol. Thankfully it is really easy to make. Yes, you have to do it over the sink. If you want to be fancy, you can use bottled water, but at the rate I am having to make them, if just using filtered water. It doesn’t take long at all for them to freeze because they are not the huge “craft ice” balls… and yes, I bought some molds for those as well, but they aren’t nearly as easy to make as these are. My Mom jokes that now that we are in a new house, we have gotten all fancy with our ice. It’s not that, it’s just my family likes them, they are very easy to make. It comes with its own ice bin and scoop, and you also get two trays, so for the money you are spending, it’s well worth it! I hope this review helps someone, and I highly recommend the purchase!!💕

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  5. A. Prill

    I needed a way to make ice and found the novelty of ice balls interesting. This set is fairly easy to use and I like the included box and scooper. The box holds about 4 trays worth of ice, and since the set comes with 2 trays, you can fill the box fairly quickly. The trays themselves are more complicated than a regular cube tray, but not difficult to use. You simply fill the tray with water and then snap on its lid. Excess water will flow out of holes in the lid, then you put the tray in the freezer. Once frozen you twist it like a regular cube tray to brake the ice balls loose. Then lift the lid and you’ll find a bunch of nearly perfect ice balls that are about 1 inch in diameter. Some will stick to the lid while others will stay in the tray. Twisting the lid or tray will allow the balls to fall out.

    Yes regular ice cube trays are easier, but this ice ball set is still fairly easy and is a fun novelty when guests are over.

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  6. A. Mc.

    The water squirting at you like some water park home movie is a LOT but as long as you lay down some towels with the expectation that it’s going to happen, you’ll be okay. I love the spheres, they make my drinks fancy and keep things cold which is exactly what I needed this summer.

    One complaint, Amazon cracked the ice bucket and I ended up trashing it upon arrival. Amazon refunded me for the damage.

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  7. Lisa. M

    After a day of figuring it out, it actually works really well. It does take a while for the cubes to harden & I realized the top part with the holes can’t have anything sitting over it while it’s freezing, that helps to freeze the cubes faster & makes them frozen throughout. Also only filling the trays about half inch over the circles helps with keeping water from pouring all over when you snap the tops on. My bucket is filled & they’re super cute, love making my iced matcha with them

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    Round Ice Cube Tray with Lid & Bin Ice Ball Maker Mold for Freezer with Container Mini Circle Ice Cube Tray Making 66PCS Sphere Ice Chilling…
    Round Ice Cube Tray with Lid & Bin Ice Ball Maker Mold for Freezer with Container Mini Circle Ice Cube Tray Making 66PCS Sphere Ice Chilling…


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