Silonn Countertop Ice Cube Ice Makers, 45lbs Per Day, Auto Self-Cleaning, 24 Pcs Ice Cubes in 13 Min, 2 Ways to Add Water, Compact Ice Machine for…

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  • Never Run Out of Ice! –High efficient as it is, this portable ice maker can produce 24pcs ice in as little as 13 min. With an output of 45lbs ice daily, furthermore, this ice maker can easily sustain the house, kids, and outdoor parties. You will never have to run out to stores for ice again!
  • Convenient Solution-Two ways to fill the ice maker. Use a water bucket (Not Included) within a capacity of 5L/1.32Gal or do it manually. The basket can hold 2.6lbs ice and once the basket is full, the weight sensor will stop the ice-making immediately. If the ice melts, the water will be collected at the base for recycling.
  • Self-Cleaning Function-What could possibly cause you more headache other than cleaning a daily-used electric device? As a modern home device, this countertop ice maker is equipped with a self-cleaning function, one press on the panel and 20 min is all it takes to get a thorough self-cleaning.
  • Simple to Use-An LCD screen will display the current mode. With one panel you got this ice machine in control. By changing the timer, you can have thin, medium or thick ice cubes. When water runs out, the ice maker will automatically alarm for refilling.
  • Chilling & Pure! -Nobody can stand a scorching summer without ice. Keeping food fresh, creating cold drinks, chilling beers, and champagne, it all comes true with an ice maker. Besides, square ice cubes are featured with slow-melting, fine in shape, and pure in clarity and density.
  • Note: The ice cubes come out in 1 sheet instead of individual pieces so you have to use the scoop to break it up. Don’t worry, it’s a minor thing and actually serves as a slight stress release.

Specification: Silonn Countertop Ice Cube Ice Makers, 45lbs Per Day, Auto Self-Cleaning, 24 Pcs Ice Cubes in 13 Min, 2 Ways to Add Water, Compact Ice Machine for…

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10 x 14 x 15 inches, 20 Pounds

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December 8, 2021



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7 reviews for Silonn Countertop Ice Cube Ice Makers, 45lbs Per Day, Auto Self-Cleaning, 24 Pcs Ice Cubes in 13 Min, 2 Ways to Add Water, Compact Ice Machine for…

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  1. jholden63

    The ice maker in our fridge went out and it was cheaper to buy an ice machine. We love this one. It sits wherever you want it and make a batch of ice in about 20 minutes. We can fill up several gallon sized bags in a day. Even if we buy another fridge we will use this one when camping or planning a party. We have a whole house water filtering system so the ice does not have a chemical taste in.
    also, it will accommodate a gallon jug of water on top. It shuts off when full or out of water. I would recommend using filtered water – just a personal preference. You may need to adjust the piece where the water comes out if it sprays onto the ice, but that’s easy, just turn it with your fingers.

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  2. H. K. Rodman

    I moved to another state, and am renting a house. The fridge does NOT make ice- we now have a ’94 White that runs like a top, but it’s definitely NOT fancy. Because I knew this would probably be the case, when we decided to move, I bought the icemaker, because I love icewater, and don’t love buying bags of stuff, or dedicating a big space for ice cube trays.
    This machine was my solution. Absolutely NO regrets.

    It is:
    Easy to clean.
    Easy to maintain.
    Easy to use.
    Really fast.
    And FAR better quality than I expected, for the price.

    Only downsides are, you do have to move that ice to the freezer yourself, and it does take up some countertop real estate…and you do have to add the water manually, either using the adapter for big bottles, or pouring it in. But these are pretty minor things, given the up-sides. And, the manual addition of water means that I can use filtered water from the pitcher that I had to buy, because, again, 1994 refrigerator. (I do miss that in-door water filter!)

    Bottom line, I would absolutely buy this again. Hopefully, I won’t have to, anytime soon! So far, this thing has knocked it outta the park all summer, keeping us supplied with ice even when the fridge broke down (landlord found a dude who still had some old R12 in his shop to FIX the thing, so the Refriga-Beast remains! LOL), and keeping us in cold drinks during the worst heat of late July. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up! (Six, if you count my sons’, too, as they LOVE the ice this machine makes!)

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  3. David

    Update. I forgot to mention the scoop is very well Made. You need it to break up the sheets of cubes that come out. I’ve used it 20 times and I was worried it would crack but it’s working very well still Heat index was almost 100 today and it still made ice. So far totally impressed with this machine. I hope it last for a while but after a week and today tried it outside in the heat and it’s working great. So far 10 out of 10 on my review!!
    Thank you for a quality product.

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  4. ranchofiesta

    The media could not be loaded.

     I wanted to use the ice maker a few times before reviewing it, because a 5 star review with “looks nice, haven’t used it yet” is pretty worthless. Received it mid-April 2022. Waited 2 days to let coolant settle as recommended, wiped out the inside. I chose this ice maker because you can invert a water bottle on top and not have to keep filling the reservoir. I used 1-gal bottle of distilled water. Like putting a bottle on the water cooler, it takes a knack to flip the bottle and set it on the nipple w/o spilling half the water. I used a step-stool so I was see what I was aiming for on top of the machine. The ice maker calls itself “countertop” model so it fits on the counter, but its the size of 4 toasters stacked 2 on 2, so its not going to live on my countertop.
    So, plugged in, first gallon set on top, (the water reservoir holds a little less than 1-gallon so there’s still water in the inverted bottle. It siphons nicely), pushed buttons per instructions and she started right up. Instructions are pretty clear, the ice maker is not overly loud (well, for my house anyway) after cooling itself a minute or 2, the screen shows the number of minutes to make ice. Each cycle of ice “sheet” took 5 minutes, but I didn’t time the entire gallon of water, and I didn’t weigh the total ice produced. I didn’t want to babysit the process, so I just did other stuff until I heard the ice drop into the bin, then transferred it to zip-bags into freezer. The included “scoop” is useless and now resides in my cat’s kibble. I did see a few comments about the ice melting in the bin. It MAKES ice. It’s NOT a freezer. So, yes, you have to transfer the ice to your freezer within a few minutes. I didn’t pay attention to “start to finish” time but noticed it sat idling for a few minutes before checking the reservoir was empty of water. I had 4 ‘full’ gallon-size zip bags plus one “sheet” of ice. So, I used 2 gallons of water, in 2 days of ice making, that time.
    A few weeks later, early May, I brought out the machine and made ice from another 2 gallons of distilled water. It worked like a champ again! It was quiet to run, I didn’t babysit the process.
    4 gallon bags of ice does not keep my family going for a month. Yes, we purchased ice between time. I’m stingy and kept my ice for me.
    So… now it’s end of June, I have my 2 gal of distilled water and nothing going on on my countertop for a few hours, might as well make ice! I set it up, it ran smoothly, I heard the first batch of ice drop into the bin, I put it in my bag then into freezer. Ice maker starts its new cycle, a minute or 3 later…. – OK, NOW WATCH MY VIDEO – standing next to the machine, the screeching startled me enough to drop my glass of ice water! I pushed the button to pause the machine! Eyebrows up in my hairline, I decided to “look under the hood”, like a motorist on the side of the road with no clue what to look for. Still full of water. I pressed the button again and it started its cycle, me with my phone ready to catch sight of the screaming demon that has possessed my ice maker! Yup, it screamed, I paused it again.
    Now… my dilemma – do I let it run? Sacrifice my machine to save a buck-50’s worth of water?? (Like spending $40 more to save $5 shipping) So… I decided if it’s still running it can’t be too bad, if the motor is burning out – might as well see if I can get a little more ice out of it.
    I had my fire extinguisher handy, moved the machine as far from the elec outlet as the cord allows, so I can unplug it, and I let it run.
    When the machine is paused, it shows the temperature of the water (?) which was normally 75°F to 80°F. The temp showed 92°F! But I went ahead and let it screech. Normally the cycle time is 5-6 minutes for ice. It showed 18 minutes now. 12 minutes into the scream cycle the screaming stopped, the machine continued running and continued its countdown. It finished its cycle at normal motor decibel. Then it started the cycle again, a few minutes in, it starts screeching again. Pausing showed 88°F but I let it continue and again the noise stopped after about 10 mins. I unplugged it after the ice cycle completed. As I was yelling at the machine to “SIT THERE AND THINK ABOUT YOUR BEHAVIOR!!” my husband gave me the eye roll, moved the machine around, set a little fan blowing on the machine’s exhaust intake screen, told me to stop torturing my toys, and think about my own behavior. Oh, and would I make him a sandwich, please?
    I turned the machine back on later in the afternoon, it screeched only a few minutes during each cycle but made ice. This morning it’s running quietly and finishing a gallon of water.
    It was hot yesterday – 100° outside. It was warm inside – probably about 80° – we don’t have a/c in our old farmhouse. I’ll use it when the weather is cooler or until it dies a loud painful death when the weather is hot and I want ice!
    So, as far as recommending this ice maker, it depends on what you can tolerate.
    No extended warranty is offered, but it would be nice if it did.

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  5. Carl

    This machine works great. First use it preformed like a pro, made first batch of ice in 17 min. 2nd batch in 11 min. Ice quality was good and uniform. Kept running for about 2 hours and made two gallon freezer bags of ice. Let’s hope it continues to preform this way. I liked it so much I got one for my Son. His worked just as well, no issues!! Both came packaged very well and received in one day, prime.

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  6. Lare

    This little machine is perfect for my travel trailer. I no longer buy ice at the marina at $8 for 16lbs. The ice tray only hold 6 sheets of ice. I empty it in to gallon freezer bag when I leave the trailer or before bed. It takes 15minutes max to make a thick sheet. Ive saved $48 on three trips to the lake

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  7. Javier Pena

    This ice machine works very well and the ice comes out quickly. Very easy to use and simple. The only part of it that I was surprised with was the 3 gallon water bottle I purchased with it that doesn’t fit. I would have thought the water container that was purchased with this would fit with no problems. It was very disappointing. If the container fit this would be a 5 star produce all the way around. If you purchase this ice maker, just don’t buy the water bottle and it will be great. As I’m writing this I don’t have it in front of me to include picture. I will try to add later.

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    Silonn Countertop Ice Cube Ice Makers, 45lbs Per Day, Auto Self-Cleaning, 24 Pcs Ice Cubes in 13 Min, 2 Ways to Add Water, Compact Ice Machine for…


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