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TheraPAQ Ice Packs for Injuries Reusable Version – Adjustable, Large 14 x 11 Inch Hot and Cold Gel Pack w/Adjustable Strap for Hip, Shoulder, Knee…

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  • HEAT OR FREEZE – Some like it hot, some prefer it cool. Luckily you don’t have to choose with this ice pack! Stick it in the microwave for instant cramp relief or freeze it to soothe any soreness.
  • REUSABLE – We all know Earth doesn’t need any more detritus laying around. Skip the guilt by using our reusable ice packs for back, torso, and shoulder soreness instead!
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAP – Soothe even the most hard-to-reach areas with this knee and shoulder ice pack. The straps can be adjusted to provide relief to where it hurts.
  • FLEXIBLE – Heated or frozen, this cold pack bends and folds with ease. Perfect as a compress for a sports injury, postpartum discomfort, or sore muscles.
  • DURABLE – Reusable, durable fabric surrounding the gel ensures no leakage from this large ice pack. Take it with you to hike, practice a sport, or while you recover from surgery.

Specification: TheraPAQ Ice Packs for Injuries Reusable Version – Adjustable, Large 14 x 11 Inch Hot and Cold Gel Pack w/Adjustable Strap for Hip, Shoulder, Knee…

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Package Dimensions

11.18 x 7.28 x 1.89 inches, 2.31 Pounds

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Date First Available

February 27, 2017



13 reviews for TheraPAQ Ice Packs for Injuries Reusable Version – Adjustable, Large 14 x 11 Inch Hot and Cold Gel Pack w/Adjustable Strap for Hip, Shoulder, Knee…

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  1. Jackie Muhlstock

    I use it after exercise. I’m recovering from back surgery and just beginning to move around and get back to exercising. Quick relief.

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  2. ian

    Purchased this based upon all the good reviews as other similar products got poor reviews,
    Second time using it, and yup you guessed it, it’s melted, and now in the bin,
    Product is made of cheap crap, save your money and don’t bother,

    I followed all the instructions, placed paper towel down so pack wasn’t in contact with hot glass,
    And gave it 30 seconds at a time turning it each time so it got a even blast, even taking precautions and microwaving for less time than instructions recommend it still melted,
    update to my review,
    I have upped the score to 3 stars, because even though the product failed on second use, and went into the bin, the company contacted me and gave full refund, without me having to return the faulty item,
    I am all for great customer support and service, and believe in credit where it is due, I can no fault these guys with their quality customer service,

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  3. Yvette

    Great size for larger areas however difficult to wrap around smaller parts of the body because of the size. We got a smaller one for the wrist. Comfortable feeling and holds cool feeling for a decent amount of time. It’s great that it has velcro so it doesn’t have to fall off the sore area all the time.

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  4. Kindle Customer

    I thought it would be bigger (didn’t look at measurements) but it’s very versatile- brought it for my husband, as after a heart operation he’s legs are very swollen it helps take swelling down. I’m suffering with hot sweats and as soon as I lay this on my back my sweats are under control. You can lay across your legs, sit on it lay on it and even put it under your feet whilst sitting. I find this cooling pad has had an impact on our lives. Not had it heated yet but would assume you would get same relief.

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  5. Assign1225

    I use it on my knee and my wife uses it on her hip. Freezes in about an hour. The wrap around feature secured by Velcro allows me to get the cold close to the areas of inflammation. Great product.

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  6. Roger L

    Following knee replacement surgery it soon became apparent that the Physios idea of frozen peas in a tea towel being held in place with chronic arthritic hands was not good, my hands are so painful typing this is awkward, I searched Amazon for something similar to the cryogenic knee wrap which I have to say was only used twice lack of time, your large pack was all that I could see, it is great, and so easy to use and aids in the pain and swelling although I am keeping mobile, have to live alone with my dog, if I could I would give you 10/10

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  7. Denise Phelps

    I keep at least 3 of these cold belts in the freezer at all times. I cycle them through the course of the day so that I can keep the burning down from my back. They are exactly as described and are fairly hardy- after 3 years one finally split where I fold it for the freezer. The cold lasts about 45 minutes. Great product for pain relief.

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  8. JHM

    I used this pack to keep me cool while I used the string trimmer and edger in the front yard. It kept me cool for at least 20 minutes on a very hot day

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  9. mick2606

    Works well..good size..covers from my knee to ankle.
    Having now used this item for nearly a year, the time has come for an update. The pack is very big, and in that lies one of its strengths, but also I have found a weakness.
    The bag is semi-divided into three compartments by 2 ‘welds’ which are left open at the ends (creating small gaps). This helps the bag to maintain the distribution of the gel, but also allow the gel to be re-distributed through the small gaps when necessary.
    For the first 6 months I used the pack as a cold compress….fresh from the freezer almost daily. All was fine. More recently I have had to use it as a hot compress fresh from the microwave. That’s when the weakness manifested itself! The bag started to leak at either end of the welds. Only a small amount each time but once it starts the bag empties at a considerable rate…losing it’s effectiveness. After about 2 months of daily heat use, the bag is all but spent.
    I have tried to follow the manufacture’s instructions when heating the bag…..but it’s hard if you get distracted whilst the bag is in the microwave. That’s another thing….the time taken for the bag to heat up in an 800W microwave is quite a long time. Maybe nearl 10 minutes as a whole….including the time taken to fold and turn the bag over. So overall I am going to have to reduce my star rating from 5 down to 3.

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  10. Barry Brooke

    Just over 10 months ago I developed problems in my right leg and with the aches I was led to believe that I had an Am –
    string problems! I didn’t go to my GP for some 5 months and they seemed to agree with me. I was told that time and
    mother nature would resolve it. I had even suggested a CT scan but was told that it would probably show little difference. Some 4 weeks ago i decided to go to an Osteopath and found a good practice near where i lived. Within half an hour i was told that it wasn’t an hamstring but a trapped nurve!! All the aches / pains have almost gone. I see her again on the 20th August on a third visit and am hoping by the end of August to be able to walk again after some
    nearly 11 months of limping!!!! The above large gel pack is having a positive effect!!!!

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  11. Kristina Carr

    This works perfectly on my son’s knee. He likes the fact he can wrap it around his knee and doesn’t need to hold it in place.

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  12. Jude

    So I know they want you to buy lots of products in preparation for your upcoming hip replacement surgery, right?? Aside from the standard “must haves” like a walker & cane which you definitely need, you have the option to purchase miscellaneous items like “grabbers”, “sockers”, “loopers” and other assorted crazy inventions intended to “assist” you post-op.

    Puleeeze. I don’t think I could EVER use one of those “sockers” to put on my socks! And the “loopers”? What? To help me lift my leg onto the bed? I just pulled on the leg of my sweats if I needed a little help…or there’s always a bathrobe belt, right? I never needed a “grabber” because nothing was out of my reach, but these products all seemed like $$$ grabbers to me.

    I listened carefully to the pre-surgical zoom where they spoke about the importance of the ice regimen…


    I shopped and read & shopped & read more. Same old drill, and narrowed it down to this one EVEN THOUGH some said it didn’t stay cold.

    To that I say, “WHAT???!!!”, (now that I have been using mine for 3 weeks straight) “Are you using YOURS outside on your veranda in Florida during a heatwave in August while you’re laying on top of it??”
    SMH, sometimes it’s just so difficult to believe how people have such different results.

    This product is AWESOME! I had my surgery Nov. 22, 2021 so now I’m just shy of 3 weeks post op. I was REALLY good about the ice for the entire first week. I loved that I could loop one strap over the handle of the walker and still have one free hand to carry a cup of coffee! (Otherwise I don’t bother with the Velcro straps.) The surface area is the PERFECT size for hip surgery and then not TOO big to have to put into your freezer, either! It’s about the size of a box of Ravioli’s or I guess a Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza box, maybe. EZ FREEZER FIT AND PERFECT FOR HIP!

    As a fact, and inasmuch as I religiously did the 20 minutes on 20 minutes off for 7 straight days I can tell you the pack consistently stays cold enough to be therapeutic for at least two hours. I put it inside of a pillow case and lay it atop my hip. It softens as the minutes tick away and I shift it and turn it over a bit as necessary. Now, although I’m not using it AS frequently 3 weeks in, I’m still using it at LEAST two hours after I get done with my daily PT exercises… and whenever I feel those muscles start to stiffen. For me, THIS GEL PACK is as much of a “MUST HAVE” as my walker and cane were…Even when I don’t need THEM anymore I’M STILL GONNA LOVE MY GEL PACK!!

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  13. Rich Davis

    Had a total hip replacement. Bought 2 carriers that included 2 packs. Bought 2 additional packs so they could be rotated in/out of freezer for use. They worked to perfection. This product significantly reduced the pain and soreness reducing the amount of medications used. Game Changer!!!

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    TheraPAQ Ice Packs for Injuries Reusable Version – Adjustable, Large 14 x 11 Inch Hot and Cold Gel Pack w/Adjustable Strap for Hip, Shoulder, Knee…
    TheraPAQ Ice Packs for Injuries Reusable Version – Adjustable, Large 14 x 11 Inch Hot and Cold Gel Pack w/Adjustable Strap for Hip, Shoulder, Knee…


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