Wamife Nugget Ice Maker Countertop, Self-Cleaning Pebble Ice Maker, 2 Ways Water Refill, 26lbs/Day, Stainless Steel Finish Pellet Ice Machine with…

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Specification: Wamife Nugget Ice Maker Countertop, Self-Cleaning Pebble Ice Maker, 2 Ways Water Refill, 26lbs/Day, Stainless Steel Finish Pellet Ice Machine with…

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17.64 x 9.69 x 16.93 inches, 40.7 Pounds

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December 13, 2021



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7 reviews for Wamife Nugget Ice Maker Countertop, Self-Cleaning Pebble Ice Maker, 2 Ways Water Refill, 26lbs/Day, Stainless Steel Finish Pellet Ice Machine with…

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  1. Sarah Despenas

    I purchased this because I was sick of the ice maker in our refrigerator never working properly. I love the small, ice pellets but it doesn’t stay cold enough so the ice in the ice maker is constantly melting. Then it has to run to make some more. It’s relatively loud for such a small machine. But all in all, I decided to keep it because it’s convenient and fits perfectly between my counter and the overhead cabinets. Plus, it’s nice having ice!

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  2. Laura Clark

    Update: They really are upholding a high standard for customer service. They are working with me to solve the problem and should have a new unit arriving soon. Fingers crossed all is well. I will update accordingly.

    I’m seeking help through customer service and will update as necessary.
    As soon as I was able to set up my ice maker (I had surgery therefore couldn’t right away) the unit leaked profusely underneath. I tried using less water, collecting all of the ice made and removing it, and still would leak profusely. Unfortunately I am outside of my return/exchange window so I have contacted Wamife directly to see if they are willing to exchange my unit for a properly working one. Other than that I love the machine, so if they are able to work with me I will update my review.

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  3. KC

    We’ve had the ice maker since March 2022, and have loved it. It’s great soft ice, and it’s (normally) not very loud.

    In July 2022, we started hearing a louder screeching and grinding noise. I sent a message to customer service (via Amazon), and within 24 hours, they let us know to: “Unplug the power supply, open the glass cover, leave it for more than 4 hours to melt the ice naturally, and then press the cleaning button for 3 seconds, the machine will enter the defrosting mode.” This helped.

    We also noticed that it started to leak. After contacting customer service on Amazon, a replacement machine was sent.

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  4. Mr. bug remover David Boose

    It states that this unit has an in-line water filter with it as well as a 2-year warranty, but it does not. This ice maker has worked flawlessly for me, plenty of soft chewable ice pellets, quiet running, but a little slow on making a new quantity of ice to refill the basket, but since it’s just for me (1 person) it works just fine. Looks and feels well built but I don’t know for how long, time will tell. As far as the icemaker goes I love it, the warranty and no filter was my complaint!

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  5. Tonya Kelley

    Best purchase of the year!! Absolutely love this ice maker. I got a cup of ice from chick FIL a one day and had no idea there was that kind of ice out there 😅. I done some research and came across this machine, bought it, love it, use it every day. If you have always liked munching on ice, but maybe your teeth are not so tough anymore, then you need this machine!!! My whole family, including the dog love it. You can even hook it up to have a continuous water supply. It is awesome. Never dreamed I would pay $300+ for a table top ice maker (my fridge has one overflowing), but no regrets!!

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  6. Harb

    So, a year ago we bought the SAME ice maker BUT it was branded “Taotronics”. When I say the day I mean it. The ONLY difference was the name. Well the taotronics one started leaking water all over the place. I actually was right next to it when I heard a loud plastic breaking type noise and then it started leaking really bad. I took the side/stainless cover off to see where the leak was coming from and saw that it was leaking from where the ice presumably was being formed before dropping into the basket. This was a plastic cylinder thing covered by foam insulation. I determined that it was not fixable. So I ordered this model AND a four year kitchen appliance warranty from Assurian.

    I thought this was the best decision. I did consider getting a name brand model for a couple hundred dollars more but eventually decided on this plan. When the ice maker works it produces great ice. No complaints about noice and anything else. I suggest making assurian take the lose when it breaks…as it most surely will within a four year period. When that happens you will have paid $45 for a replacement.

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  7. Lee Rutter

    I love it. It performs better than advertised and produces ice cube after ice cube that tastes great, just the right size (nugget) and keeps churning out the ice.

    The item came in professional packaging and was already assembled. With a simple cleaning, I was able to add filtered water to t he line mark and let it make ice. Pretty soon, it began pushing out the ice cubes and eventually a huge basket of ice!

    The scoop is really nice. Anytime I want a cold drink, I lift the lid, scoop the ice into my glass, close the lid and the machine churns out more. If you leave it running, then it will keep cold but will allow some of the bottom ice to melt a little bit so you always have a constant flow of water without having to be connected to a water source. Since I don’t have a waterline from the sink to a fridge, for example, mine is free standing.

    When I go camping, I can use the bucket of ice from the machine to go in my cooler. I then add water so that it makes more!

    I am grateful for the extra room in my freezer too, as well as not having to maintain ice cube trays. I can, however, at anytime put the bucket of ice that is in the ice machine and place it in the freezer or dump it into a bag or plastic container.

    The awesome thing about this machine, too, is how easy it is to drain the water when I want to clean it. It is so easy and everything is already connected for you.

    It’s not all that heavy, either. After using it for a month, I decided to move it from the kitchen to my home office. It is still easy to access. I do plan on buying another one for my work.

    Another thing that I like doing is making Iced Tea in the Instant Pot. So after my tea has brewed, I like putting a bucket of the icemaker’s ice in the tea to get it really cold and ready to serve. Comes out just perfect!

    Other than that, just the convenience of not having to open the freezer and snap out ice cubes is a bonus, as well as filling my glass 80% of the way with ice and adding lemonade, tea or water. Also, when there isn’t much room in the fridge, I don’t have to keep cold soft drinks – I simply fill a glass full of ice and pour my cola and boom, perfect!

    When I bought the icemaker, it came within two days. I had it up and running within 30 minutes.

    As with ALL ice machines, it is recommended to use filtered water. You will appreciate the taste and it is better for ice machines. I have a picture of filtered water always ready.

    I also find that this doesn’t take much water. You do fill up to the line, but you do get a lot of ice and when I leave the machine on 24/7, I only have to add water once a week and I am a heavy ice user. I put ice in almost every type of drink.

    CONS: I can’t seem to think of any and I have had it for over a month.

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    Wamife Nugget Ice Maker Countertop, Self-Cleaning Pebble Ice Maker, 2 Ways Water Refill, 26lbs/Day, Stainless Steel Finish Pellet Ice Machine with…
    Wamife Nugget Ice Maker Countertop, Self-Cleaning Pebble Ice Maker, 2 Ways Water Refill, 26lbs/Day, Stainless Steel Finish Pellet Ice Machine with…


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